Toyota Fortuner Type 2 converted with Lexus kit along with Tesla-style touchscreen [Video]

For a long time, the Toyota Motor Corporation Fortuner SUV has been the undisputed market leader in its class. The SUV has long been recognised for being imposing on the streets yet being incredibly reliable. Because of this, you can still find the type 1 and type 2 series of this SUV on the road. The only real drawback to these older models is that they are starting to seem a bit obsolete, which is why their owners are increasingly switching to newer generation vehicles with bespoke kits. Recently, a video of a type 2 Fortuner equipped with a special Lexus Kit also made its way to the renowned video-sharing network YouTube.

Autorounders uploaded footage to their YouTube channel of a white Toyota Fortuner outfitted with a new Lexus body package. The shop is well-known in India for modifying vehicles’ exteriors and interiors. The shop’s proprietor reveals the upcoming modification to a type 2 Fortuner in the most current video. He reveals that they’ve received the vehicle in their Mumbai garage all the way from Gujrat. He goes on to explain that they are planning to install a custom body modification to transform the SUV into a Lexus.

Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner

The owner and presenter of the business then goes on to say that they will be painting the vehicle white to match the rest of the branding. He says that the Lexus package automatically includes a new front bumper and grille. He also mentions that the stock headlights are fine, but that a buyer can upgrade to an LED arrangement of their own if they so choose. He also mentions that the front bumper of the imported Lexus kit is equipped with LED DRLs.

The presenter then cuts to the side and shows that one distinctive feature of this alteration will be the replacement of the SUV’s standard 17-inch alloy wheels with an improved 18-inch type 3 alloy wheels arrangement fitted with all-terrain tyres. He continues, “We’ll also make extensive modifications to the interior. Next, he turns to the back of the vehicles and explains that the Lexus kit’s rear bumper, which features a fake diffuser and a new design, will also be fitted.

Some “before” footage of the vehicle is shown, and then it is driven into the garage for repairs. When a car arrives at the repair shop, the first thing the mechanics do is open all the bumpers, headlights, and taillights to begin the disassembly process. The procedure of dent removal begins with the use of pulling equipment, and is followed by the use of glazing putty and sanding of the entire car prior to painting. Following this, the vehicle is taken into a spray booth where it receives a fresh coat of the original white paint. Once this is done, the car is revealed after being cleaned and polished.

At the very end, the presenter reveals that a brand-new, full-touchscreen infotainment system, reminiscent of Tesla’s, has been installed in conjunction with the interior upgrades. In the glamour images of the modified vehicle, you can see the starry light headliner and the ambient lights.

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