Toyota Teases Most Luxurious SUV, Could Be Unveiled Next Week

Toyota has teased a new model, and it looks to be the Century SUV.

Toyota released a teaser showing the sleek rear of a premium vehicle, painted rich black with luxury details. A white-gloved hand opens the rear door, suggesting a chauffeur-driven car. The Century sedan has always been Toyota’s Rolls-Royce, so this fits.

Apart from the teaser, Toyota provided no other details except its September 6, 2023 premiere. But there’s a lot to unpack. The bold fenders, chrome accents, and squared rear lights strongly resemble the Century sedan’s styling.

The profile looks similar to the luxury vehicle teased in June. We see hints of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, appealing to the Century’s elite target buyers.

Rumors of a Toyota Century SUV emerged earlier this year. Japanese reports suggest an electrified 3.5L V6 engine, versus the Century sedan’s old V12.

Signs point to a Highlander base, on Toyota’s TNGA-K platform. While humble, it underpins the Grand Highlander and Lexus TX. We expect an adapted platform for more luxury.

The Grand Highlander and Lexus TX have three rows, but the Century may ditch a row for expansive second-row legroom. This would create a relaxing space for tycoons, perhaps with reclining rear seats like the Lexus LM minivan.

Pricing is rumored above the Land Cruiser 300, so $140,000+, nearing the $200,000+ Bentley Bentayga.

Will it come to America? With Toyota’s crowded SUV lineup, especially with the new Land Cruiser, the Century SUV looks unlikely for the US. We’ll see at the September 6 premiere!

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