There is now only a small selection of electric motorcycles available from the Indian company EeVe. Then, those are directly adapted from a few Chinese EVs and may look familiar to individuals with a shady familiarity with the EeVe electric vehicle scenario.

In India, the release date for the EeVe Tesoro is pegged for October 2023, and the car is likely to retail for around 1 Lakh rupees at that time. The estimated cost of the new motorcycle is approximately Rs 1.00 Lakh.

These are the company’s stated numbers; actual ride times will likely be shorter. Although its top speed is limited to around 60–70 km/h, the Tesoro will be capable of speeds of up to 100 km/h.

Each EeVe Tesoro is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries that Bosch provided. After that, you can change out the power packs as needed. According to EeVe India, a full charge takes 3.5–4 hours, but with the quick charger, it’s ready to go in just 30 minutes. The maximum speed of the electric motorcycle is 90–100 kph, and it has a range of 120 km.