Holden’s attempt to keep the Commodore nameplate alive in Australia by attaching it to a four-door vehicle without rear-wheel drive and a V8 engine received significant backlash.

Ford enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Mustang Mach-E’s arrival in local showrooms. The vehicle has garnered positive reviews and is expected to make a significant impact. Ford has made strategic decisions in recent years, and the Mach-E could be another successful move.

Electric vehicles, once the initial excitement wanes, are often perceived as practical appliances. Without the audible excitement of an engine, manufacturers must rely on style and design to create a captivating experience.

A Mustang is traditionally a wild, untamed, and powerful RWD performance car with a thunderous V8 engine. The Mach-E, as an AWD electric crossover or SUV, lacks the brashness and excitement associated with the Mustang brand.