In India, the Honda CB150R would cost between 1.35 and 1.55 million rupees (Ex-showroom). As of 2021, it is anticipated that prices will vary depending on the brand.

The LED projector used for the headlights has a wide and effective beam. the fuel tank is positioned above the handlebars and has a direct relationship to the rider’s seat. Honda’s silver paint job on the gasoline tank, which matches the CB150R lettering on the radiator, is a nice touch.

The CB150R is available in three color options: – Black – Red – Blue

With 16.1 bhp of power and 45-50 km/l of mileage, the Honda New Bike CB150R is a potent streetfighter motorcycle. However, the power throw is continuing up until 9,000 RPM and the mid-range is more than adequate.