The cost of the EV9 is something Kia has remained mum on. Due to the EV9’s increased size and second row of seats, we expect it to be priced slightly higher than the EV6 GT, which retails for roughly $60,000.

Kia EV9 Electric Car EV Colours: Electric Blue; Steel Grey.

Kia has not revealed any specifics about the EV9’s construction, although we know it will share the E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) of the EV6. Thanks to the 800V architecture of the system, a fast charger of equal power can be used to rapidly charge the battery pack to a maximum of 350 kW.

To give you an idea, the maximum range of an EV6 is 328 miles. The EV9’s range will likely be lower than that of the EV8 due to its larger size and less aerodynamic design. With a 100 kWh battery pack, the range may exceed 350 miles.