Sunanda, the vehicle’s owner, claims that she has received a good answer from Tata Motors after reporting an issue with her vehicle. The current owner of a Nexon EV has stated his desire to continue his longstanding relationship with Tata Motors into the future.

However, the proprietor did not elaborate on how exactly Tata Motors fixed the problem. The vehicle was most likely sent to the service center for a full inspection before being returned to the owner.

However, the owner had alerted the authorized dealer and Tata Motors to the problem in order to prevent any unfavorable outcomes; the dealer and the company swiftly took action, and it was determined that the problem had been caused by neglect. It seems likely that the tag was accidentally put, as it was not spotted during the dealership’s pre-delivery check.

Pre-delivery inspections serve both safety purposes and as a preventative measure since they inform the dealer and the client of any issues that may arise with the vehicle before it is delivered.