Suzuki B-King Price in India: The Suzuki B-King may be had for a bare minimum of Rs.31, 00,000 in Nepal, with discounts, seldom if ever occurring, and for a starting price of Rs.9, 50,000 in India. The minimum retail price for the B-King is $5,485, with a starting price of $13,499.

Mileage: 17 kmpl – Top Speed: 254 kmph – 0-100: 2.81 sec

A streetfighter from Suzuki, the B-King debuted that year. The engine displacement remains at 1,340 cc (82 cu in), the same as that found in the second-generation Hayabusa (produced from 2008 onwards), but the intake and exhaust systems have been modified.

At present, you won’t be able to buy this motorcycle in India, but there’s hope it could eventually make it there. To purchase a Suzuki B-King, you can anticipate spending close to Rs.9.50 Lakhs.