Before we get onto the topic of safety, let’s have a look at the thinking behind the cosmetic update rather than a total overhaul. The underpinnings of the Tata Nexon are the tried and true but becoming antiquated X1. Tata is investing time and money in adopting this technology for Curvv, but it would be too costly for Nexon.

Therefore, the updated Nexon will utilise the X1 framework. Is it possible that it could have unfavorable consequences? The present edition of Nexon already has a maximum of 5 stars, therefore there’s no need to add any more.

Both the X1 and the Tata Nexon are based on the X1 platform. It’s a reliable platform upon which the Indian automaker may build. Tata is also modifying this platform to work with products that are based on the Curvv system, but that is a separate initiative.

While the current generation of the Nexon is still selling well, Tata would be crazy to introduce the next iteration this year. When do you anticipate the launch will take place? Since the Altroz, the Nexon facelift, and the Nexon EV have all been released in January, it would appear that this is a typical time of year for Tata to announce new models.