Improved aerodynamics and performance are expected as a result of the addition of vertical air curtains. This lower air intake is deceptively designed to appear to rise at the corners, but is actually flat. The official teaser images also revealed a steadily narrowing air inlet, which is distinct from the prototype’s bottom part.

Although VW has claimed that this is the second generation of the model, it is evident that this is not the case. Although our spies were unable to sneak a glance at the interior, the German manufacturer has previously stated that a larger 12-inch touchscreen will be installed in place of the current 10-inch unit.

The slightly revised ID.3 begins at €43,995 in its home market, where it is offered in the standard Life, Business, Style, Max, and Tour trim levels.

The VW ID. 3 has undergone significant design and material upgrades that have resulted in a significant price hike. To that end, the base price for the 2023 refresh will be 43,995 euros(Rs3,906,871.08) before the eco-bonus is applied.