What are the advantages of injection molding with injection molding machines

What are the advantages of injection molding with injection molding machines

Almost every enterprise that produces plastics uses injection molding machines combined with various auxiliary equipment for injection molding to create high-quality and low-error products. Among them, injection molding machines are the core of production and are vital to improving efficiency and product quality. So, in this guide, we will tell you their advantages in injection molding.

Standard automatic mold opening position compensation function

The injection molding machine used in injection molding can be matched with a robot. It has the function of automatic compensation of the robot’s mold opening position. The robot can accurately grasp and place parts during high-speed mold opening, making production more stable and efficient. They feature sensors that continuously monitor the position and speed of the mold as it opens and closes during the injection cycle. The machine’s controller then analyzes the collected data and adjusts parameters in real time to compensate for any detected deviations from the desired mold position. By maintaining precise mold alignment, this feature ensures that we always form each part to specifications, thereby reducing product defect rates.

Injection molding machine application system integration technology

Integrating application systems into injection molding machines increases the process’s capabilities, efficiency, and flexibility. It can integrate highly with robots and auxiliary machine systems. Through a unified communication language and independently developed control system, users can directly obtain the operating data of auxiliary equipment on the injection molding machine, making operation more convenient. In addition, a core control interface manages the operation of the injection molding machine and its integrated systems, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustment of parameters for optimal performance. The scope of control includes the peripherals of the robot and auxiliary equipment.

Automatic mold adjustment mechanism of injection molding machine

Automatic mold adjustment in injection molding machines can utilize hydraulic or electric actuators to move the moving platen to achieve the correct mold opening and closing strokes required for different mold sizes. This is very important because correct alignment and clamping force can directly affect the quality of the finished product and the machine’s operating efficiency. The machine’s central controller typically integrates them, using sensors to detect the position of the movable platen and automatically calculating the required adjustments based on the mold dimensions that the operator enters into the system. Automation of mold adjustments not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances safety.

Template design

The reinforced template design of the injection molding machine is crucial to the function and overall performance. The template evenly distributes the clamping force on the entire mold surface, making the template evenly stressed and suitable for most products. Uneven force distribution can lead to defects in the molded part, such as warping or incomplete filling. The formwork design must ensure the clamping force is even applied. During the injection molding process, a large amount of heat is generated. This formwork design also withstands and dissipates heat efficiently, helping maintain optimal temperatures during molding.

Linear guide

Linear guides are an essential part of the structure of modern injection molding machines, ensuring the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of the molding process. They provide the necessary guidance and support to enable precise, smooth, linear movement of various machine components. Linear guides in injection molding machines usually consist of guide rails and bearings, traditionally made of high-strength steel and precision machined to ensure straightness and uniformity. The main advantage of linear guides is achieving precise linear motion. This precision ensures accurate alignment of the mold halves and injection units and directly affects the quality of the molded parts.

Improve precision and efficiency in injection molding

Injection molding machines can produce high-quality, precise, and consistent parts at high speeds and low cost, providing manufacturers a competitive advantage in the injection molding market.


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