What to Do if You Lose Your Car Keys? 

It’s not an exceptional practice to lose your car keys. Yet, most of the time, you think that you have lost your keys, and you get them from a different place. If you aren’t capable of searching for them, you might be accessible at first, particularly if you don’t have extra keys. 

Let’s go through the following steps you should take in case of lost car keys.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Car Keys?

If you lose your car keys, you should first look at the surroundings where you last had them. If you can’t find them, the second step is to contact a locksmith to help you get back into your car. A locksmith abu dhabi can either make another key for you or unlock your car door without a key.

If you have the latest car model and still need to get your car keys and have no extra keys, you have to inform the dealership. Consequently, they will deliver another key and automatize it to your car’s mechanized system. Moreover, depending on your car model, you may have to use towing services to take the vehicle to the dealership.

The following are some points to follow if you lose your car keys. 

Search around surroundings:

As soon as you know that you don’t have your car keys, then you must look around. However, one must stay calm and come back to one’s steps. It is possible that you find your keys, and you don’t need to take any further steps. If you have found your car keys, move on to the ultimate suggestion of getting an extra key while the fear is explicit in your mind. If you aren’t capable of searching for the keys, it’s time to take the second stance. 

Check Your Vehicle:

After you’ve looked into your house—or wherever you are—it’s time to search in the car if it is not locked. Many people leave their keys in the car simply unintentionally because they are unaware. If you get your key inside the car, then you must prepare extra keys for the safer side. 

Collect Your Vehicle Information:

Whether you decide to go to a locksmith or your car dealership, you must have some vital information about your vehicle. Otherwise, they won’t be able to deliver the key that goes with it.

Firstly, you have to determine what kind of key you use within no time. Moreover, you will also require the vehicle identification number (VIN), which is imprinted on the dashboard and the driver’s side door jamb. So, note down the year, design, and model of your car. 

Acquire a New Key:

Now, it’s time to select whether to go with a car dealership or call a locksmith. However, with an old model car, you would select a locksmith instead of the dealership to be economical. 

New car models may need the assistance of a dealership. With the advanced technologies, it’s foremost to have your dealer fix the key so you are confident that it will work. Thus, this option will be the best one, as it will save you from many other problems. 

Make a Spare Key:

Once you have another car key from the locksmith, it’s time to get an extra spare. It’s easiest to order two keys at the same time. 

With your extra keys, you won’t have to face the extreme level of panic again. Therefore, the next time you lose your car keys, you will have another option to get back on the road. Hence, you have to get the points when you lose your car keys. Now, move ahead to search for something more.

Can You Track Lost Car Keys Or Make Original Ones?

No. Ultramodern cars are very high-tech these days. However, it is difficult to track your lost car keys as most car models are made out-of-the-box. Yet, there are after-sales trackers you can get installed in your car keys to avoid this. If you lose your original key, a practiced locksmith can make a brand new one. Likewise, a licensed dealer can order a car key for you with the car’s VIN number, which is a better option. 

You can acquire a new key manufactured from the VIN at your car’s licensed dealer. Even so, you may have to prove ownership of the vehicle initially by delivering the crucial documents.

Lost car keys are usually not covered by typical car insurance. However, there may be some instances if you have an all-inclusive policy that covers theft, as well as other events like fire or destruction. Most common car insurance policies do not provide coverage for lost or stolen car keys.

Things To Consider While Caught Up In The Car:

Do not panic. 

Avoid making the situation worsen by causing so much panic. Moreover, refrain from employing homemade tools to unlock the car. Hence, it is suggested that you refrain from using homemade tools if you do not find any professional automobile lock-picking tools nearby. The wrong utilization of a coat hanger, slim Jim, or bobby pin might easily direct to a lock, door, or glass scathe.

Prevent from breaking any windows: 

Prevent from breaking glass of windows with a brick, rock, or another sharp object to get instantly inside a car. What are the worst consequences that could happen if you employ the erroneous equipment to unlock the doors? 

By taking off the paint from the door and breaking the Locksmith mechanism, you are putting yourself at high risk. Thus, by doing so, you increase your repair costs to a high level. Most of the latest cars have worldly lock and critical systems that are on the alarm when an illegitimate attempt is made to get inside the vehicle.


You might have a query: why should you get Car Unlock Services? There is no scarcity of locksmiths, but a qualified team will surely help you unlock any automobile lock. The team members can work on every type of lock. So, they get special tools and instructions to deal with any situation. Therefore, training comprises a technical comprehension of different locks and keys. Thus, you can trust the auto mechanic shops for their services if you lose your car keys. These mechanics will provide you with a new key without harming your vehicle. 


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