Who Is Elena Cullell? Know Her Marriage, Death of A Daughter And Many More

Who Is Elena Cullell? Know Her Marriage, Death of A Daughter And Many More

Elena Cullell is the wife of Luis Enrique, a former professional football player turned Spanish professional football manager. Professionally, Elena is an economist. She is predominantly recognized for her marriage to Luis. Despite the passing years, their love remains strong. Luis, a prominent and accomplished figure in Spain, is currently managing the Spanish national football team.

In his youth, he pursued a career as a football player and notably represented his country in numerous matches. He showcased his talent across several teams, including major league clubs. Excelling both as a player and now as a manager, he has established a remarkable legacy, serving as a significant source of inspiration for others.

Quick Facts

Full NameElena Cullell
Date of BirthN/A
Height/How tall?N/A
Father NameN/A
Mother NameN/A
Gender IdentityFemale
Is Married?Yes
Is Gay?No
Net WorthN/A


Elena is currently married to Luis, and their marriage spans many years. They tied the knot in 1997 and have remained together since then, displaying a steadfast bond and supporting each other at various events.

The couple shares three children: Xana Martinez, Sira Martinez, and Pacho Martinez. Sira, following in her family’s sporting interests, finds joy in horseback riding. Pacho works as an auditor in Catalonia’s capital; although he used to have an interest in soccer during his younger days, he has since shifted to boxing. Unfortunately, Xana is no longer with us.

Death of a daughter

At the age of nine, Xana passed away after battling osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that affects bone development. Despite her courageous fight against cancer for five months, it was a challenging and distressing period for the entire family. They explored every avenue to aid Xana, but her young body became fatigued, leading to her passing.

The loss was especially devastating for Elena, who mourned the loss of her young daughter, causing immense anguish. The news deeply affected those close to them, prompting numerous clubs and teams worldwide to pay tribute to the family. Xana was a regular presence at her father’s team’s games and had formed friendships with other players’ children. Sadly, she passed away in August 2018.

Following the death of Xana Enrique

Xana’s passing had a profound impact on the entire family, yet her older sister Sira experienced a unique change. Sira started to perceive things differently. She mentioned that Xana’s passing became a source of strength for her as she used to be easily upset and impatient over trivial matters.

However, following Xana’s death, Sira gained a new perspective, recognizing that people face far more significant challenges in life than the minor grievances she used to dwell on. This realization led her to reevaluate life and adopt a new outlook.

Net Worth

Elena’s precise net worth remains undisclosed presently, but given her profession as an economist, it’s reasonable to assume she earns a substantial income. On the other hand, Luis’ net worth is approximated at around $20 million as of January 2024.


Elena’s specific age is undisclosed. Currently, Luis is 53 years old. He was born on May 8, 1970.


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