Yamaha R15 v4

2022 YAMAHA R15 V4 Price In India, Colours, Top-speed , Specs & More

YAMAHA R15 V4: Yamaha Motor Corporation is a global leader in the motorcycle industry. Their R15 v4 is among the best motorcycles available. Yamaha’s newest motorcycle, the R15 v4, packs a lot of punch for its size.

The Yamaha R15 v4 is a great motorcycle for both novice and seasoned riders. The Yamaha r15 V4 is a great option for serious riders who want to either hone their skills or compete.

So what makes this bike so unique? Find out by reading on.

Yamaha R15 v4 Price in India

Metallic Red will be priced at approximately Rs.1,72,800 (about $2,400) ex-showroom. Put RTO and insurance together. The ex-showroom price of the Dark Knight is around 1,73,000 Indian rupees, the ex-showroom price of the Racing Blue is approximately 1,77,000 Indian rupees, and the ex-showroom price of the R15 V4 M MotoGP Edition is approximately 1,82,000. Please check once at your neighborhood showroom to see if the price has changed since you last checked online.

R15 v4 variants and Colours

This Yamaha bike comes in four variants Metallic Red, Dark Knight, and Racing Blue. We especially liked the Racing Blue variant, so we have chosen it for review.

Yamaha R15 v4
Yamaha R15 v4

Yamaha R15 V4 Specifications

The Yamaha yzf r15 is a motorcycle that has remained popular in India ever since it was first introduced there; each time Yamaha has released a new version, we’ve all taken notice, and now we have version 4 of Yamaha’s legendary r15.

The Yamaha R15 V4 has a displacement of 155 cc and a maximum torque of 14.2 Nm at 8,000 rpm; it has six speeds. It has a gasoline capacity of 11 liters and a seat height of 815 millimeters. Front tires are 100/80-17 and rear tires are 140/70 R17; the curb weight is 142 kg.

Design of R15 v4

As has been the case with previous versions of the r15s in your 4.0 release, the new design, which takes cues from a larger Yamaha r series motorcycle, looks even better in person. This is the new r7.

The new design, inspired by the r7, fits well on this motorcycle, making it the best-looking R15 to yet. The redesigned face, including the dual-purpose LED projector, is another plus in my book.

Above the front axle is a redesigned windscreen that is contoured extremely effectively to shelter you from head-on wind, and the headlight is housed inside one of the four air intakes. LED position lights on either side of the headlamp contribute to the aggressive appearance. Yamaha asserts that the more aerodynamic design of this fairing aids in the bike’s ability to reach its maximum speed of over 150 kph. The side fairing blends in perfectly with the design of the motorcycle.

I really like the look of blue paint that has a matte and glossy effect. There are now more purchase points for your knees on the gasoline tank, thanks to its redesigned, chunkier shape. Nonetheless, it has the same 11-liter capacity as version 3.

The rear end, which is also rather attractive, is evocative of the r7’s floating panels. Whenever we went, it was the center of attention. The only odd detail is that the tail and exhaust are at different angles. You’ve voiced concerns about the r15 version 3 not living up to Yamaha’s reputation for quality, and the company has listened.

Curb Weight & Economy of R15 v4

The bike is customizable up to its sole quick shifter and operates smoothly, but the engine is virtually unchanged from before and the motorcycle’s curb weight of 142 kilograms has not changed. For comparison, the fuel efficiency should be roughly the same. The r15 version 3 will achieve 37.2% city fuel economy and 49.6% highway fuel economy.

The engine of R15 v4

Let’s talk about the engine, one of my favorite parts of this motorcycle. The yzf r15 features one of the best small-capacity motorcycle engines, a four-valve single that steals the show. There is no noticeable difference in performance, even though it generates somewhat less power as before. This bike is as quick as ever, and the eagerness of the engine to crank is fantastic. The tempo here is 7000 revolutions per minute.

The engine is pleasantly free-revving and tractable at low speeds, making commuting about town a breeze. The exhilarating extra top-end surge is provided by the variable valve actuation out on the open road. This engine not only produces somewhat more torque than the engine in version 3, but it also reaches its peak at 1000 rpm lower than the engine in version 3.

R15 V4 Safety Features

When it comes to stopping safely, the new R15 V4 sports bike features a Dual-channel ABS – Anti-lock braking system and a Slipper Clutch. The bike is built to function well and to keep the rider safe. The R15 V4’s aluminum chassis makes it simple to control and manuever about town.

The bike also fares reasonably well over most bumps. With version 4.0, Yamaha has included a traction control system as well. For a bike with less than 20 horsepower, this may seem like a waste, but given how wet and narrow our roads tend to be, extra precautions are always appreciated. The brake components are unchanged, and they continue to provide satisfactory bite and lever feedback.

Dimensions and Weight OF new R15 v4

This vehicle has a wheelbase of 1325 millimeters, a length of 1990 millimeters, a height of 1135 millimeters, a width of 725 millimeters, and a ground clearance of 170 millimeters.

The new riding position appeals to me in general because of the way the tank is shaped and the contour of the seat, which locks you into place. The new seat is more comfortable and has a more streamlined design in front of the tank. Similar to the previous bike, its height is 815 mm. Nonetheless, there is a noticeable change in how the chair itself feels. It appears that the footrests are still in the same place. The end result is a dynamic but not overly so riding stance. The racer boy/girl riding position may appear hip, but it’s not ideal for lengthy stretches on the highway.

V-box testing of R15 v4

We haven’t had a chance to mount v-box testing equipment, so we can’t give you exact acceleration numbers, but going off of feed alone, this bike might be a little quicker than the r15 version 3.

Yet, the r15’s handling has always been its defining feature, and that trend continues with the fourth generation. While the version 3 motorcycle’s 41 mm fork has a larger inner diameter, the Indian bike’s 37 mm tubing are a welcome improvement. Used forks are more stiff than new ones, so they should provide more support as you accelerate through corners and brake hard.

A strengthened subframe and the continued use of the tried-and-true delta box frame contribute to the chassis’s improved handling.

When leaning this motorcycle into a corner, you’ll get immediate and unambiguous feedback from the front end. In fact, it stays where you put it during the turn, making it an excellent motorcycle for novice riders. There has been no compromise in ride quality for all that handling precision.

The price of the venerable r15 has increased by around 10,000 to 15,000 rupees from the previous model, depending on the color.

There have been multiple price increases for the prior edition. The Yamaha MotoGP team’s Livio bike, the r15m, is also available for a little higher price. The latter tier features a scrumptious silver paint job, swing arm, brake calipers, and seats, among other cosmetic upgrades. Despite the greater price, it comes with the quick-shifter as standard equipment.

Other Features of R15 v4

The R15 v4 switchgear boasts much higher quality standards. You can see the beautiful paint job on these plastic panels over here. Yamaha’s standard of quality in terms of conveniences should be at this level. The newest iteration of the R15 sports a redesigned LCD that can receive email and text message alerts through Bluetooth.

But, there is no way to go around the site. Information like last spark location and fuel usage data are just the beginning of what the Yamaha-exclusive yconnect app has to offer. Track mode transforms the screen into a virtual racetrack that displays your current and best lap times.

Let’s see what it’s like to ride the new R15 v4 now that we’ve been given a brief overview of it. Unlike the previous two iterations, this bike’s clip-on handlebars are positioned below the triplet. You’d think that would put you in a highly aggressive riding posture, but the clip-ons’ design makes the handlebars seem only slightly lower than they do on the version 3 motorcycle, so you won’t have to make any major adjustments.

R15 V4 Alternatives

Coming to R15 V4 Alternatives The main rivals of the R15 V4 bike are the KTM RC 125, Suzuki Gixxer 250, and Suzuki Gixxer SF 250, as all these bikes also come in the same price range.


It’s a wise investment if you’re a motorcycling aficionado because few bikes can match the thrill that this one provides. This ensures that the yzf r15 will continue to be a best-seller. However, it now reaches its peak speed 1,000 rpm slower than the original engine. No time has come up for us to do it yet. It’s true that we were too busy. The new r7-inspired design is highly proportionate, and the result is the best-looking R15 to date, in my opinion. In addition, I really enjoy the new appearance, the new face, and this essay if you will. Send this to your fellow cyclists!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the top speed of R15 V4?

The company states that the top speed of the R15 V4 is 150 kmph.

What is the Price of R15 V4 in India?

Regarding ex-showroom Price, you will be ranked between 1 lakh 72 thousand to 1 lakh 77 thousand. Keep in mind this is different from the road price.

Which is best, R15 or KTM?

We have given you complete details about the R15 V4. Everyone else’s choice is different so you can buy either of them according to your choice and utility. We liked the blue variants of R15’s V4.

What is R15 V4 mileage?

The company claims that the R15 V4 has a mileage of 45 kmpl


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