10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Women’s Pajamas Online

Few things beat slipping into a soft, comfy pair of pajamas after a long day. When it’s time to unwind and relax, you want sleepwear that combines both style and comfort so you look cute while feeling totally at ease. Shopping for women pyjamas online opens up a wonderland of fabulous prints and patterns. But with so many choices, how do you find that perfect pair to lounge and snooze in? Use this guide to become an expert online pajama shopper. Learn top tips for evaluating fabrics, assessing fit, finding accurate sizes, comparing costs and more – so you can confidently score sweet dreams in stylish sleepwear night after night!

1. Learn Your Fabrics

When choosing pajamas, fabric is perhaps the most critical factor. Different textiles provide distinct properties that impact stretch, breathability, softness and warmth. Make sure whatever you pick feels absolutely delicious against your skin. 

Cotton – Natural cotton is lightweight and breezy. 

Silk – Luxurious silk or satin pajamas have an elegant, sensual sheen. 

Fleece – Plush microfleece or fluffy polyester fleece offers cloud-like comfort and insulation against cold nights. 

Modal & Rayon – Modal and rayon incorporate botanical cellulose to deliver a cashmere-soft feel, nice drape and moisture absorption similar to cotton. 

When shopping online, read fabric descriptions closely and seek out details like “breathable”, “smooth” or “cozy” to understand how PJs might handle. 

2. Shape of pyjamas

Pajamas come in as many shapes and sizes as people do! Make sure yours showcase your personal silhouette and sleeping preferences best. Most women’s sleepwear online comes in a few standard cuts are Short Sets, Long Pants, Nightgowns, Rompers, Chemises 

Getting sized correctly amplifies that perfect just-right fit too.  

3. Cracking the Sizing Code

Finding the perfectly fitted pair of pajamas can feel like cracking a complex code, especially shopping online. Sizing and fit vary enormously across brands, styles and materials leaving even savvy shoppers scratching their heads trying to translate measurements to real world matches. Don’t let inconsistent or confusing size charts stand between you and your dream PJs! Use these insider tricks below to take the guesswork out of pajama sizing virtually. Unlock the secrets to determine your best fit match across any brand for a tailored, custom sleep experience.

4. Learn personal measurements 

Achieving the perfect pajama fit requires moving beyond vague one-size descriptors like “medium” or “large” by pulling out a measuring tape and capturing your unique body dimensions. Note the exact circumference measurements of key areas like your bust, full chest, natural waist, low hip, and inseam length. This quantifies your shape creating a personal blueprint cross-referenced easily against all brands’ size charts for identifying your best match every time, no guesswork required!

5. Reference size charts

Most online stores provide detailed size charts outlining actual garment measurements for each size available. Having your personal body measurements already recorded allows easy cross-referencing to identify where your unique shape and proportions align best on any given brand’s chart. Precision match your bust, waist, hip and length numbers against the product’s corresponding specifications in that size to pinpoint your optimal fit. This direct dimensional comparison takes out the uncertainty around how any pajama brand’s particular cut or stretch may match up with your figure.

6. Read reviews

 Don’t skip reading through customer reviews which offer clues around how pajama sizes tend to fit. Scan feedback checking specifically for commentary around size runs – whether items seem true to size, run small or fit extra roomy on actual customers. Real people will report odd proportions like tight chests with loose waists, short lengths requiring tall sizing or stretchy fabrics having excessive give. Piecing together these crowdsourced firsthand experiences flags any outlier fits to accommodate accordingly when making your selection. Reviews lend insight letting you preemptively spot and adjust for quirky size alignments.

7. Shop end-of-season clearances 

As retailers transition inventory to make room for new seasonal collections, keep an eye out for deep discounts on remaining items from the previous lineup. Older pajama prints or patterns don’t diminish coziness just because they’re last year’s colors. Take advantage of slashed prices on past seasons’ leftover stock as stores purge less relevant goods. Clearance racks pave the budget path to major pajama savings year round!

8. Use coupons & cashback 

Keep costs low by stacking savings from active promo codes offering percentages off. Retail sites easily deliver 10-20% off through published coupons. Multiple cashback engines also pay you back 4-8% of total order value in rebates. Layer these incentives for maximum dollar stretching power, offsetting splurges on upgraded fabrics or pricier brand name pajamas with bonus rebates. Multi-piece pajama packs, bundles with robes or bundles with accessories like slippers or eye masks lower per item pricing. 

Most pajama bestsellers rightfully earn high ratings and rave reviews. But occasionally you’ll stumble upon negatives bringing product satisfaction into question. Sorting honest complaints from one-off gripes helps determine if potential issues constitute real deal breakers or not.  

9. Read comments

Buy bundles & bulk packsPoor fit for body type – Repeated complaints around fit not suiting taller, shorter or curvier frames hints at inconsistent sizing.

Thin, Poor quality fabric – Numerous comments about fabrics being see-through, developing holes quickly or pills likely indicate low quality textiles prone to damage. 

Loose, defective closures – If multiple people cite buttons popping off easily or drawstring closures unraveling quickly, this points to a design flaw.

Fades, bleeds quickly – Verified reviews reporting dyes fading, running or bleeding after just a few washes exposes low colorfastness and inferior construction.

Taking a balanced view, focusing on concentration and considering your needs specifically helps reasonably evaluate if negatives reflect personal preferences or reveal underlying shortcomings. 

10. Read the Returns Policy

Free return shipping – The best policies offer prepaid return shipping labels making sending items back a non-issue.

Easy self-service – Convenient self-service portals allow initiating a return anytime without needing to contact customer service. 


Taking pajamas for an actual “test rest” then swapping out freely creates low-risk opportunity to determine your best lounge pants for women. Checking out return ease upfront simply adds confidence to aim high on that initial online PJ purchase! Taking a balanced view, focusing on concentration and considering your needs specifically helps reasonably evaluate if negatives reflect personal preferences or reveal underlying shortcomings.


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