1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible Survivor: Real Deal or Too Good to Be True?

The year 1968 marked a significant milestone for the Pontiac GTO, as a series of well-executed improvements and innovations elevated its appeal. These enhancements, spanning everything from refined styling to under-the-hood upgrades and an extensive array of available options, struck a chord with car buyers. As a result, Pontiac enjoyed a surge in demand, shipping an impressive 87,684 units of the GTO in 1968.

1968 Pontiac GTO

In 1968, Pontiac experienced a notable increase in GTO sales, shipping 87,684 units, up from the 81,722 cars sold in 1967. During this period, the convertible variant of the GTO also saw increased popularity, although it remained a relatively rare sight on the roads, with only 9,980 GTO convertibles produced in 1968. Today, finding one of these convertible GTOs in pristine condition is a rarity.

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On eBay, seller arcadian379 claims to have one of these highly sought-after GTO convertibles, emphasizing that it is a survivor with an unaltered, all-original setup. The term “survivor” typically denotes a car that has maintained its factory-original condition, retaining all its original components without undergoing any repairs or restorations.

However, while the seller asserts that this GTO is a survivor, the listing lacks specific details, leaving some room for skepticism. Given this, it is advisable to approach this listing cautiously and seek additional information from the seller to ensure accuracy.

Visually, the GTO appears to be in good condition, boasting a straight body without significant issues like rust or dents. The paint, which may be the original factory finish, appears to be present in some areas but shows signs of wear, such as peeling, especially on the right fender near the grille.

The interior seems complete and well-preserved, with minimal signs of wear or usage. The nearly spotless seats and door panels suggest limited human contact over the years.

There is some rust present on the undersides of the car, which is not unusual for a vehicle that has spent a significant amount of time in storage. Prospective buyers should carefully inspect this area before making a purchase decision.

Under the hood, the 400 V8 engine remains a mystery, as there is no information provided about its running condition. It would be essential for the seller to disclose whether the engine at least turns over by hand, as the functionality of the engine significantly impacts the GTO’s appeal.

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The convertible GTO is priced reasonably considering its condition, with bidding starting at $20,000. However, the seller has set a reserve price, indicating that the final sale price may be significantly higher. The car is located in Trenton, New Jersey, and potential buyers should clarify whether it is drivable or if transportation via trailer is necessary for its relocation.

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