2023 Toyota Vellfire: The Luxury SUV That Will Make You The envy of Your Friends

Toyota India has unveiled the 2023 Vellfire, marking its entry into the luxury market with a starting price of ₹1.20 Crore (ex-showroom). The model comes in two variants: Hi and VIP, each offering an opulent interior. Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by a plush cabin featuring a new expansive 14″ infotainment system. The second row is equipped with intuitive buttons to manage various luxurious amenities, enhancing the overall experience. Notably, the vehicle boasts newly designed up-and-down sunshades for added comfort.


Under the hood, the Vellfire is powered by a robust 2.5L petrol hybrid engine, delivering an impressive 190hp and 240Nm of peak torque. This ensures a potent performance while maintaining efficiency, aligning with Toyota’s reputation for innovative hybrid technology.

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When discussing luxury automakers, brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes Maybach often come to mind. However, Toyota and Lexus, known for their mastery in blending luxury with reliability, stand out in this realm. These manufacturers consistently produce exceptional vehicles that offer a top-tier cabin experience akin to first-class travel, all while upholding a track record of virtually zero major breakdowns, even after extensive mileage.

An exemplary instance of this fusion is the Lexus LM and Toyota Vellfire, both ultra-luxurious MPVs brimming with practical features and propelled by Toyota’s renowned hybrid engines. Recently, Toyota India introduced the 4th generation Vellfire, showcasing their commitment to excellence in the luxury segment. With a starting price of ₹1.20 Crore (ex-showroom), the new Vellfire extends Toyota’s legacy of quality, innovation, and performance to the realm of luxury vehicles.

The 4th generation Vellfire presents a subtle exterior evolution, highlighted by a revamped front-end design. The introduction of a split headlamp configuration imparts a sleeker appearance, complemented by a bold, redesigned front grille adorned with chrome accents encompassing the fog lamps. The front spitter’s imposing design resembles the formidable teeth of a Yeti, evoking a commanding road presence that encourages fellow drivers to yield the way when encountering the Vellfire in their rearview mirrors.

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While the silhouette maintains continuity from its predecessor, noteworthy enhancements emerge, including newly sculpted 19″ dual-tone alloys adorning the sides. The rear, resembling the 3rd generation, is distinguished by distinctive LED light housings in the taillights, linked by an elegant LED strip.

Within the Indian market, the 4th gen Vellfire embraces two distinct variants: the Hi and the VIP, accompanied by the Executive Lounge package. The Hi variant showcases a sizable 14″ infotainment screen, serving as the hub for managing a host of cabin features. Upgrades to the second-row seating introduce enhanced comfort, equipped with buttons for luxury feature control, multiple AC vents, and innovatively designed up-and-down sunshades. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control and forward-rear collision warnings contribute to an elevated driving experience.

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Elevating luxury to unparalleled heights, the VIP variant greets passengers with opulent amenities. Individual captain seats in the second-row offer heating, ventilation, and portable picnic tables. A detachable control panel empowers passengers to manage climate, sunshades, and media settings. Additionally, the second-row captain seats incorporate an adjustable ottoman, providing a relaxing environment akin to a VIP lounge, ideal for unwinding after sealing a substantial business deal.

Under the hood, the 4th generation Vellfire derives its power from a 2.5L 4-cylinder petrol hybrid engine, generating 190hp and 240Nm of peak torque. The pairing with an e-CVT gearbox underscores a commitment to efficiency. Toyota’s assertion of a mileage of 19.28kmpl, despite the Vellfire’s over 2-tonne curb weight, underscores its fuel efficiency within the ultra-luxury segment.

In summary, the Toyota Vellfire epitomizes a harmonious blend of opulence and reliability. As an ultra-luxury 7-seat MPV, its ability to balance a weighty stature with dependable performance is noteworthy. This makes the Vellfire an astute choice for those seeking an opulent daily commuter that seamlessly doubles as a resplendent mobile workspace, all the while delivering commendable fuel efficiency.

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