8 Most Delicious Rakhi Hampers Online

When it comes to Indian delicacies, sweets are the ultimate tooth-satisfiers at any Indian Customary feast. Offered sweets are meant to be shared with everyone to bring good luck and prosperity.

 So, here are 8 most delicious Rakhi Hamper to make your Raksha Bandhan heart-warming and Festive:-

  1. Gorgeous Peacock Rakhi with Bengali Rasgulla:

Get your senses wrapped up in the delicate, flavourful Rasgulla. From the inheritance of Bengal Kitchen, these sweets also lay claim to the origins of Rasgulla. With the Gorgeous Peacock Rakhi, have your brother’s delight met on Raksha Bandhan to make it more memorable.

  1. Bro Rakhi with Mewa Bite and Kaju Kalash:

The gold collection of the proud title your brother can flaunt. This trend-setting Rakhi looks stunning on the wrist because of its edgy look. 

If your brother is into healthful sweets, give him a guilt-free bite of Meva Paag, which is basically a Dry fruit dessert made entirely out of nuts. And with lip-smacking Kaju Kalash, send Rakhi with sweets to have a delicious Raksha Bandhan.

  1.  Elegant Zardosi Rakhi with Rajbhog:

If there’s a granter version of spongy Rasgullas, then it is Rajbhog. This delicious mawa and dry fruits infused with sweet syrup and saffron are show-stoppers. Combined with Zardosi Rakhi, an intricate design made from satin and silk to show that intricate beauty of your sibling’s love.

  1. Golden Swastik with Chocolates and Dried Fruits:

The blessed Swastik Rakhi is an immensely powerful symbol in the Hindu Religion. This motif of sacred Swastik is taken from the Sanskrit word, which means it is conducive to well-being. 

In Hinduism, the Swastik represents the “Sun,” which brings prosperity and good fortune. So bring your brother the wealth of health, mind, body, and soul and share with him celebratory Rakhi chocolate from Rakhibazaar combined with nutritious dried fruits.

  1. Sparkling Lumba Rakhi with Fresh Soan Papdi:

As your family grows, so does the circle of love. When your brother’s life partner joins the family, you’ll find that the bond of Rakhi extends to her, too. 

Show your acceptance and love this Raksha Bandhan with Rakhi Bazaar‘ sparkling Lumba Rakhi collection. Paired with the sweet indulgence of Soan Papdi, makes a perfect way to welcome your sister-in-law into the celebration.

  1. Meenakari Rakhi with Dark Fantasy Cookies:

The classic Arabian-inspired Rakhi Design is that of Meenakari Rakhi. The radiating rich colours gleam on the precious metal amulet that is held as the sacred amulet of Rakhi. Pair it with the scrumptious collection of dark fantasy cookies that will leave your mouth melting for more. 

  1. Ferrero Rocher with Shimmering Lotus Rakhi:

Being more layer than any other chocolate, the exquisite balled chocolate of Ferrero Rocher is truly noble. Make your brother feel rewarded for this Rakhi celebration with the golden wrapped balls of the richest Ferrero rocher chocolate in the perfect pack of shimmering lotus Rakhi. The flower of lotus is a divine flower that blooms in the toughest terrain of soiled mud, which is inspiring to hold such a meaningful Rakhi onto the right wrist.

  1. An Avengers Rakhi Set with Munch Chocolate and Shield Mug:-

This mind-blowing design in Rakhi is set to win hearts with its marvellous collection for the brother, who is a Marvel comic fan. Having a legitimate shield mug to pride on. Your brother is going to love the Avenger set of Rakhi that has Captain America, Spiderman, or Hulk in sacred bands to claim he’s protected and a protector. 


 Sweets make every festival more welcoming and have earned cultural significance. They are adored as a symbol of happiness and good fortune, and they are said to bless your Raksha Bandhan.

Send online Rakhi to make the festivity of Raksha Bandhan warm and inviting. With convenience, you can ensure that your thread reaches your brother within the auspicious hour of Rakhi Muhurat.


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