Styling Women’s Ankle Boots

A How-to Guide on Styling Women’s Ankle Boots

When winter and autumn seasons arrive, several questions start cropping up about ankle boots. Many ladies speculate how to wear them, what should not be worn with them, and even if they are perfect for work. There is a huge variety, from heeled to flat, cut-out to buckle styles, and the list continues. For that reason, there are a number of ways to style them, so they are simpler to style than you might think.

Some Easy Tips and Tricks for Selecting and Wearing the Best Ankle Boots

Here are a few essential tips and tricks for wearing these boots and choosing the best ones for you.

How to Choose Ankle Boots?

These are flat or heeled shoes that finish somewhere over the ankle. Some styles conclude at the base of the ankle, while others hit only above it, and some include a small cut-out all over the ankle area. They match most people, yet to attain the look effectively, you need to get the style that goes with your body type and personality. So, with a proper boot style and colour, you can look outstanding in any outfit.

When shopping for boots, initially, you need to know which type is the best for your body. Definitely, you can select different footwear, but it is good to find the one that looks flawless on you. Here is a quick check on the main body types that make selecting this footwear tough and what you should consider:

1. If you have a pear-shaped body, shoes with a heel or wedge will generally work well. These will keep the attention away from getting drawn downwards.

2. If you have an inverted triangle body shape (broader shoulders and thinner hips), you would like to draw attention away from your shoulders and down toward your legs. To do this, you can try slipping on bright-coloured footwear.

3. With a rectangle body shape, you wish to add curves; the best alternative is any shoes with enough details.

4. Embellished shoe options are best for an apple-type body shape.

When To Wear?

Ankle boots are perfect for many occasions; you only need to know how to wear them properly. The heeled ankle boot is the most general and simplest shoe type.

If you wish to deck these shoes to work, you can attain a smart and polished appearance if you style them correctly. High-heeled options match well with sheath dresses and pencil skirts. These shoes are simple to pair with many outfits, specifically if they have a neutral shade. Even though the lesser the heel gets, the more difficult they are to style, particularly for workplaces.

If your booties have a low heel, try adorning A-line skirts, trousers, or even flowy dresses. Regarding work ensembles, the most difficult boot choice to adorn is a flat ankle. These radiate a more casual vibe, except if you dress casually at your office. We recommend keeping them for other occasions.

What To Wear?

Women’s ankle boots can be worn with a number of clothing pieces.

1. Trousers are a good choice to dress up with these shoes, specifically cropped trousers that finish just over the ankle. These trousers go flawlessly, along with ankle booties. The same goes for jeans; you can fold your jeans to flaunt a little bit of that ankle. Accomplishing this will assist in slimming your ankles and legs down so that they do not look stout or chunky.

2. If you are going to don this footwear with jeans, skin-fit jeans are the finest way to go. Skin-fit jeans will make your legs appear slim, as this shoe type is sometimes not the most complimentary item. This is why flaunting an inch or two of your ankle will be helpful, as it reduces the appearance of the ankle.

3. Donning elongated socks with these shoes has gradually returned into fashion. When bringing this off, you do not wish to grab excessive attention to just your ankles. When autumn arrives with cooler weather, put a pair of socks under your leggings or adorn your preferred skirt with socks and flat booties. This trend goes well with booties with no heel, but you can put them on with either high-cut or low-cut boots.

4. If you wish to make your legs appear long and lovely, try all-black attire from the waist down. For instance, black shorts or even a skirt with black tights and black booties. This appearance can also be obtained with black trousers and black booties. You can add a colour pop to the top half of the attire to lighten up all.

5. One conventional way to adorn these shoes, apart from winter and autumn, is with a summer dress. This clothing piece is also very simple to put together. Just pick your preferred summer dress and match it to ankle booties. If it is somewhat chilly outside, wear a cardigan, and then you have an easy but unique outfit. Dresses also match any kind of boot, no heel or high heel, even if they finish over your ankle or only below, making this look very easy to adopt.


When you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit, you can pull nearly anything off. Ankle boots are considered a tough item to style, but there are so many options available at Shoe Connection, which might help you find the best one to match your body type and clothing! So, look for the design and colour you like the most, and create outstanding attire by keeping your shoes in mind.


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