2023 Honda Activa 7G Price in India, Launch Date, Full Specifications, Features, Colours, Booking, Waiting Time, Reviews

Honda Activa 7G: The Honda Activa 7G is an excellent option if you’re shopping for an upright scooter because of its versatility and manageability. This model is versatile enough to be used for commuting or leisurely rides, both indoors and out. Furthermore, its lightweight design makes it convenient to transport to any location. Are you intrigued? Find out more about this Soon-to-be-Favored Scooter right here.

Honda has been hinting to a new version of the Activa on social media. This scooter may have a fully digital display that is compatible with smartphones and a front disc brake. Neither a front disc brake nor a completely digital display with smartphone connectivity are included on the Activa 6G. Honda’s forthcoming scooter may be able to fix all of these problems. It is not clear, however, if this next scooter is the Activa 7G, the newest iteration of the Activa.

Honda Activa 7G 2023

In India, the Honda Activa is a household name and a top seller among scooters with two wheels. The Honda Activa 7G, a new scooter from the Japanese automaker, has lately been teased. It will soon be available in the Indian market. Everything you wanted to know about the 2022 Honda Activa 7G Scooter in Country is right here.

The next Honda Activa 7G scooter will present formidable competition. Its distinctive appearance and extensive reach set it different from similar products on the market. The Honda Activa 7G is a fantastic scooter if you’re seeking for a combination of ease of use and enjoyment of the ride. The Honda Activa is by far the most purchased gearless scooter in India. From its first release in India, the Activa scooter has gone through no fewer than six distinct iterations.

Honda Activa 7G 2023 Details

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2023 About Activa 7G

The Honda Activa 7G is scheduled to be released in India in the price range of 80,000 to 90,000 in the month of May 2023. There are currently available bicycles that are equivalent to the Honda Activa 7G. They include the Honda Activa 6G, the Hero Xoom, and the Honda Activa 125. Another motorcycle that competes with the Activa 7G is the Lambretta V125, which will hit the market in India in June 2023.

The Honda Activa 7G is set to become the company’s next flagship 110cc scooter, succeeding the Activa 6G. There will likely be a revision to the existing model of this scooter soon. Like the Activa 6G, the new model will come in a wide range of colours and trim levels.

The Activa 7G may retain the same design as the present 6G in terms of aesthetics, despite Honda perhaps altering the body panels and adding chrome components. Now available hues for the Honda Activa 6G in India include blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey. This scooter is also offered by the manufacturer in a special limited edition run.

Activa 7G Price in India 2023

The next Honda Activa 7G appears to be a formidable competitor to the current crop of scooters. There are several reasons why this stylish scooter is ideal for both leisure and transportation. It’s portable and convenient, with a variety of features that make it a fantastic option for leisure activities. The Honda Activa 7G is an excellent option whether you’re trying to get around town quickly or want to up the ante on your outdoor pursuits.

If you’re looking for a fun and convenient mode of transportation, look no further than this Honda Activa 7G scooter. It’s straightforward to use and has basic controls, making it ideal for commuters and city dwellers. The Honda Activa 7G is sturdy and reliable, allowing you to travel wherever you like without concern. You can judge for yourself why this scooter is considered to be among the best on the market by giving it a try right now. The estimated retail price of the Honda Activa 7G is approximately Rs. 79,000. On-road pricing for the Activa 7G has not yet been determined.

Honda Activa 7G Launch Date

The Honda Activa 7G, the company’s newest scooter, will soon be available for purchase. This robust scooter is versatile enough to serve as a daily driver or for work trips. The Honda Activa 7G is an excellent choice if you need a strong scooter that can travel across a variety of surfaces. The robust engine, agile handling, and reliable stopping power of this scooter are just a few of the reasons why it is so well-liked by its users. In addition, its sleek appearance will complement any vehicle, whether you’re driving to and from work or just taking in the sights and sounds of the city. The Honda Activa 7G is an outstanding option for a robust scooter, and you should put it near the top of your shopping list.

For those in the market for a sturdy and effective scooter, it’s hard to beat the options offered by this one. Check out the Honda Activa 7G if you’re looking for a new scooter. It is anticipated that the new Activa 7G will begin appearing in stores around the time of the 2022 holidays. Now Honda has released a teaser on its website, depicting the Activa 6G, the best-selling scooter in India. The words “Coming Soon” on the handlebars could foreshadow the arrival of the seventh generation of scooters. A new Activa 6G model is also a possibility. The scooter will go up against the TVS Jupiter, Hero Pleasure+, and Hero Maestro Edge 110 when it is introduced in India.

Honda Activa 7G
Honda Activa 7G

Honda Activa 7G Features

It is anticipated that the Honda Activa 7G will include an all-digital gauge cluster. Compared to comparable scooters that provide a fully digital instrument console, the Activa 6G’s analogue console seems archaic. The next-generation Honda Activa will also include Bluetooth connectivity.

Honda is predicted to incorporate a number of state-of-the-art features, such as fully-integrated LEDs. With the release of the cutting-edge Activa 7G. It wouldn’t shock us if the Activa 7G has mobile connectivity and GPS tracking. In addition to its fuel filling cap being located on the outside of the vehicle, the Honda Activa has a combination braking system and a key panel that serves many purposes.

Seat Type Single
Passenger Footrest Yes


The Honda moped has a reputation of being simple, elegant, and functional. The Honda Activa 7G is anticipated to keep the same design language. The position is ideal for both short trips about town and longer journeys to work. Like with the Honda Activa 6G, the scooter’s gasoline lid will be located externally, saving the user the trouble of getting off to fill up.

Engine and Transmission

Honda is expected to offer a similar hybrid engine technology in the 7G. The Activa 6G currently has a 110cc engine that produces 7.68bhp and 8.84Nm of torque.

Starting Kick and Self Start
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection
Emission Type bs6

Storage Space

Activa has a respectable 18 litres of space under the seat. The Suzuki Access and Yamaha Fascino, two competing scooters, provide somewhat smaller capacity at 21.8 and 21 litres, respectively. We anticipate Honda will increase the Activa 7G’s under-seat storage capacity to be more generous than that of rival models. We anticipate that the scooter’s fuel capacity will increase in proportion to its size.

Bigger Tyres

Tubeless 12-inch front and 10-inch rear tires are standard on the Scooter 6G. It is anticipated that Honda would upgrade the Activa 7G’s ride and handling by installing wider tyres.

Honda Activa 7G Specifications

Keep an eye out for the Honda Activa 7G if you’re in the market for a new scooter. It has a number of features that will make it a favourite among riders, and it is considered to be competitive with the best scooters on the market. If you’re in the market for a new scooter, you should give the Honda Activa 7G some serious thought for the reasons listed below.

One of the best scooters available now is the Honda Activa 7G. It’s perfect for novices because of how simple it is to operate and how well balanced it is. The ergonomic design of the scooter makes it effortless to maintain balance while riding. The Honda Activa 7G is the ideal vehicle for those who need a simple means of urban transportation. Detailed descriptions follow.

Displacement 110 cc
Ignition Digital
Clutch Automatic
Fule Delivery System Fuel Injection
Gear Shifting Pattern Automatic
Transmission Type CVT
Transmission Automatic

Honda Activa 7G Top Speed

Is it important to you to know how fast a Honda Activa 7G can go? Thus, you might just be in luck! The top speed of this sleek and quick motorcycle will be discussed here. We will not only provide you with the maximum speed but also with an explanation of the variables that contribute to it. If you are curious in the Activa 7G’s top speed or want further information, you have come to the right place. It has a claimed top speed of 85 kilometres per hour and fuel economy of 55 kilometres per litre.


The Honda Activa 7G scooter will soon be available for purchase. For those in the market for a compact and simple to use scooter, this model is sure to be a top pick thanks to its many convenient features. The Honda Activa 7G has replaced the Honda Activa 6G as the best scooter for long travels. The scooter has great specs, a reasonable pricing, and a soon-to-be-revealed release date in India, so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Honda Activa 7G Price?

Honda Activa 7G is a great scooter that can be used for a lot of purposes. It is perfect for people who want to commute to work, run errands, or just explore the city. It’s Estimated Price is Around Rs 79,000

How much mileage does Activa 7G give?

New Honda Activa With a 55 km/L fuel economy and a 85 km/Hr maximum speed,

What is new in Activa 7G?

The new Honda Activa scooter will Comes several enhancements over the current version, such as a larger underseat storage with lighting, all-LED lighting, and a partially digital instrument cluster.

Which is better Activa 6G or Activa 7G?

The Activa 6G’s engine produces 7.79 horsepower and 8.84 nm of torque. Based on 255 user reviews, the Honda Activa 7G has a 4.0 rating, whereas the Honda Activa 6G receives a 4.2 rating based on 6 user reviews.


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