Amber Liu Opens Up About Sexuality and Relationships

Amber Liu Opens Up About Sexuality and Relationships

Amber Liu rose to prominence in the K-Pop industry after being scouted by a talent agency in 2008. Since then, she has achieved widespread recognition in both the K-Pop and American pop music scenes.

Over the course of this decade-long journey, she has continued to create music authentically. One of the subjects she openly and candidly addresses is her gender identity and experiences with love.

What Amber Liu Says About Gender and the LGBTQ Community?

Amber Liu has consistently been transparent about her sexuality, gender identity, and expressions of love, which is reflected in her music. In a 2018 interview with Billboard, coinciding with the release of her mixtape Rogue Rouge, she delved into topics such as her romantic relationships, androgynous identity, and advocacy for LGBTQ rights.

She expressed her stance as an LGBTQ ally, emphasizing that one’s sexuality is personal and should not be subject to scrutiny. While she hasn’t explicitly discussed her gender, she identifies as androgynous and embraces her unique identity.

Amber spoke fondly of her LGBTQ friends, advocating for their right to love freely. She recounted heartwarming experiences with transgender friends, highlighting their journey to self-acceptance.

Throughout the interview, Amber reiterated the mantra “Love is love,” emphasizing the importance of unconditional acceptance in relationships. She adorned herself with symbols of love, such as heart and rainbow pins in her music videos, underscoring her belief in love’s universality.

Despite facing criticism for defying gender norms in her conservative Asian upbringing, Amber remained true to herself, defiantly embracing her tattoos and piercings as expressions of her identity.

In a subsequent interview with What The Kpop in February 2019, Amber candidly discussed the challenges of conforming to societal beauty standards and her journey towards self-acceptance. With the support of understanding friends, she aimed to find comfort and confidence in her own skin.

Amber Liu Goes All-in in Love

In her conversation with Billboard, Liu candidly discussed her romantic life, admitting to feeling inadequate when it comes to dating.

“I’m very cautious when it comes to relationships,” Liu explained. “I’ll admit that I’m selective.”

Her cautious approach stemmed from her “all-in” personality, as she only pursued relationships with individuals she saw a potential future with.

Liu confessed that it took her five years to move on from one of her past relationships. Despite having written numerous love songs, she acknowledged that her understanding of love evolves with each relationship.

“I think the definition of love changes for me every time I’m in a relationship,” she remarked. She recalled saying “I love you” for the first time at the age of 16, highlighting how the meaning of the phrase has evolved over time.


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