A Learning Management System Overview

A Learning Management System Overview

This year, my classroom has had the opportunity to use DomainRacer for the students’ learning management system, LMS. Ideal LMS systems examples provide tools for organizing, storing, and delivering learning materials, such as videos, documents, presentations, and interactive modules. I have been fortunate to work with many colleagues who use DomainRacer’s resources, and each finds a different way to use those resources.

This has proved to be a great tool for my classroom, and it has grown in both renounced and invented over the years. Here is an insight into what this tool can do for you.

DomainRacer is a website and an app that you and your students can utilize to share information, resources, and files. It is a learning management system created to provide a digital medium.

It is useful to enhance classroom interactions and support web pages and content creation as well as collaboration. The school itself would give communications and materials to students and teachers alike.

DomainRacer LMS is free to use, too! Well, its basic package—which is amazing in itself—is free, and you can improve as required. Your school can host accounts for teachers as well.

Take Advantage of These Features

DomainRacer includes plenty of useful features like a grade book, attendance tracking, analytics, badges, a calendar, event creation, private messages, groups, and profile personalization. When setting up an online course, it’s crucial to explore the best WordPress LMS plugin available to ensure an effective learning experience for students

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Produce Classes and Folders

Teachers can produce specific courses that students can join. Within those courses, you can then create folders and post materials for students to access. If you’re new to the DomainRacer, this is a great first step—uploading is simple and enhances how you distribute materials to your class.

Have Discussions

You and your students can have online conversations (as a requirement or purely casual) and post questions to one another through the DomainRacer LMS discussion board. Similar to other platforms, you’re also able to include attachments and links in each post.

Post and Receive Assignments

Posting assignments to the DomainRaceris a breeze—you can include its title, the details and requirements, attachments, and due dates on a calendar. You can even receive completed work via DomainRacer too! Grading and annotating any student project is also supported, making DomainRacer LMS a big step towards going paperless.

Create Requirements and Steps

 Let’s say you have several steps you want students to go through. In the DoaminRacer, you can organize each step and create restrictions so that students cannot go onto step two until they complete step one (or achieve a specific score), and so on.

Design Quizzes

You can create an evaluation inside of DomainRacer itself. If you have a many-choice quiz, DomainRacer will grade it for you and give a score summary for your class. You can have multiple choice, true and false, short answer, and matching questions.

Seamless Integration

You can easily pull external resources, like Google Drive, into DomainRacer to use, or you can push documents from DomainRacer to other tools, like Turnitin.

Where It Has Limitations

Before you begin to think that this system is perfect, there are a few drawbacks I should call your attention to. First, while DomainRacer works well for sharing information easily, it is in many ways a “closed system” that inhibits the degree of sharing that teachers might like. For example, if a student creates a video and posts it to DomainRacer LMS  it’s only available on DomainRacer and not shared with the larger world or with parents.

Also, DomainRacer LMS is designed like a digital classroom, with a teacher organizing information and moderating behavior. Students can be part of that class, but it is tough for them to build out their digital footprint and social media relationships.

Overall, a Very Helpful Supplement

As with all digital tools, you decide to what extent you want to integrate this into your class. Although there are a few drawbacks, the variety and usability within DomainRacer have served many helpful purposes, and I highly recommend it to instructors who are looking for a useful web tool to supplement their teaching. There are, however, a lot of other alternatives you should consider and tinker with before deciding that DomainRacer LMS is the one for you.

Other teachers have relied on social media tools within Facebook or Google+ to organize their classrooms. Nevertheless, make sure that the DomainRacer is one of your considerations—there are lots of options out there to explore, but DomainRacer ranks towards the top, in my opinion!


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