Dedicated Server : Available for Enterprises under $269 in Germany


Data security and resource availability are two factors that show up in the list of every enterprise. Whether you are a small firm or a big one, you will always need the support of these factors. Dedicated server hosting in Germany covers them all under their fantastic hosting service.

We know you might have heard about the expensive tag for this hosting solution. This article will leave you surprised when we explain the under $269 dedicated servers in Germany from Serverwala. Yes, the service is cheap and authentic at the same time. We will give you ample reasons if you are confused as to why you should choose a single-tenant server for your small entity. Okay, so it is time to delve into the text.

Why Should You Invest in Dedicated Server Hosting in Germany?

As a small entity in Germany, your main focus must be on connectivity and scalability. It is very common for small entities to grow into bigger ones within a short span of time. Such growth requires a reliable server that can boost the online presence of the entity. Cheap Dedicated servers in Germany provide scalability to accommodate the increasing requirements of businesses as they grow. You can expect smooth business operations with facilities such as ample CPU, RAM, storage capacity, and bandwidth. Moreover, the superior connectivity offered by these servers is capable of supporting your high traffic and intensive data transmission in the future. Also, Germany is well-known for its strict data-related laws. A dedicated server hosting in Germany aids the client in securing a safe spot for user data. Let’s check out Serverwala’s security commitment to its German clients.

Are Dedicated Servers from Serverwala Secure in Germany?

What are the elements or factors that make up a secured server? A software update or a strong firewall setting? Well, a secure server is all about updated security software, strong firewall settings to avoid fake traffic, the installation of anti-DDoS software, pure data encryption, routine backup, and so on. Serverwala’s dedicated servers in Germany ensure each of their clients gets to experience these features. Such a commitment to the security of our data makes Serverwala the best choice for secure dedicated server hosting in Germany.

Is Serverwala Ideal for Meeting Your Website’s Bandwidth Needs?

Does your website often have increased traffic? Do you find it tough to keep up with heavy data sets? Well, you are in need of some good, strong bandwidth to support your website. Dedicated servers in Germany from Serverwala Cloud Data Centers perfectly match the bandwidth requirements of your website. Serverwala’s German dedicated servers are equipped with 20000 GB of bandwidth. This much bandwidth is enough to handle peak traffic sessions and the storage of large data sets. Everything, from audio to video, can be served smoothly to your visitors with a 20000 GB bandwidth quota. Although Serverwala is perfectly able to handle all your bandwidth needs, we have a suggestion to curtail your requirements. You can optimize your web material and file sizes to lower bandwidth consumption. There is always room to compress images and files, minimize scripts and code, and utilize caching techniques to save on your bandwidth needs.

Cheapest Dedicated Servers in Germany: Serverwala’s Top Offers

Germany is a well-known ground for premium single-tenant servers, but Serverwala stands as a tall exception in this country. Yes, the cheap dedicated servers in Germany from this platform are the talk of the town. Let’s break into their cost-effective single-tenant plans and packages. Their cheapest plan starts at just $119 a month, which is just magic. Serverwala offers 4 cores and 8 threads of CPU at just $119 a month for its German dedicated servers. Moreover, they offer a big bandwidth quota, which is 20000 GB. This platform equips each of its plans with a 500 GB SSD. This is quite impressive, right? What’s next? Well, they offer one more plan under $269 a month. This Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 powered plan has even better RAM specifications, i.e., 32 GB of RAM. Also, the CPU cores were increased from 4 to 8.

A Quick Review

Dedicated servers in Germany offer scalability, superior connectivity, and adherence to strict data security laws, which are essential for the growth and reliability of small businesses. Serverwala’s commitment to security ensures that client data remains protected through features such as updated security software, strong firewall settings, anti-DDoS software, encryption, and routine backups. Moreover, Serverwala’s dedicated servers hosting in Germany are equipped with ample bandwidth, such as 20,000 GB, to handle peak traffic sessions and large data sets efficiently. Clients can optimize their website content and file sizes to lower bandwidth consumption. You can go with Serverwala to power your small business and satisfy your hosting needs with top-notch performance and reliability.


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