Digital Comparison of Sporty Variants: Bajaj Pulsar 400 and 200

Talented digital artists have visualized exciting sportbike iterations of the popular Bajaj Pulsar 200 and an imagined Pulsar 400 model. The renderings showcase aggressive restyled versions of the Indian motorcycles.

Shared by abin_designs_511 and bikerzz_of_india, the conceptual designs give the Pulsar models a refreshed athletic appearance. They feature revised bodywork in red/black and blue/black paint schemes respectively.

Sporty Versions of Bajaj Pulsar 400 and 200 Digitally Compared

Details include muscular fairings, tapered tail sections, underbelly protectors and split seats for a racing-inspired profile. The 400 render flaunts wider tires and wheels while the 200 retains narrower rubber. Side graphics distinguish the 400 and 200 variants.

The fictional models also showcase revised fuel tanks, front fenders, exhaust pipes and other elements. But the overall familiar Pulsar silhouette is retained.

While Bajaj offers Pulsar 200 and 250 models, a 400cc Pulsar doesn’t exist yet, making the render an interesting prospect. The brand’s Dominar 400 currently leads its 400cc range.

By reimagining the Pulsars in sportier styles, the artists have created eye-catching concepts to rejuvenate the longstanding bike family. The renders inject fresh excitement into Bajaj’s popular performance motorcycle lineage.

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