Do Outdoor Office Signs Succumb to Weather Damage?

Have you invested in outdoor signs to attract customers and promote your business? However, as you install the sign in an outdoor place, weather damage is the biggest concern. Some outdoor signage makers claim that the materials are weather-resistant.    But, an ordinary outdoor sign has a risk of damage from different weather elements. 

Hail and storms

Storms and hails may cause some adverse effects to your outdoor signs. You may not notice the damage signs right away. But, it is essential to check for issues like:

  • Swelling
  • Flimsy adhesives
  • Damp
  • Loose joints
  • Faded lettering

Intense heat

If the outdoor sign receives direct sunlight, it may result in faded print or discolouration. If there is a minor issue, you will not find it easily. So, you should check the condition of your outdoor sign regularly to ensure your message is visible to potential customers. In some cases, weather elements make the office sign’s material brittle.

The severity of the weather damage may vary with the materials used for the office signs. Digitally printed banners may last for more than 2 years. But, wind can affect the banners and rip them apart. Vinyl banners are a better choice, as they can survive rain and wind. You have to install them on a solid surface to safeguard the banners from wind.

Some businesses invest in PVC signs, which retain their original quality for around 5 years. Their lifespan depends on:

  • The installation
  • The sign’s thickness 
  • Maintenance quality

You can apply UV coatings to the signs to make the plastic signs last longer. The coatings will save your outdoor signs from UV damage. 

There are also metal signs with a waterproof design. So, rainwater will not damage the metal panels of your outdoor signs.

How to prevent weather damage to your outdoor office signs

There are ways to save outdoor signs from weather damage.

You should choose the materials based on the weather conditions in an area. Stainless steel and aluminium have corrosion resistance. Acrylic signs also withstand adverse weather conditions. But, you must not use signs made from paper and cardboard. Rainwater can easily cause disintegration of the design.

Mount the office signs properly

Proper mounting will save your sign from the effects of strong winds. Fasteners and mounting brackets should be sturdy to keep the signage secure. You may also add reinforcement if needed.

Consider protection against water damage

If your outdoor sign is exposed to water damage, it may cause damage. That is why you can apply a waterproofing sealant to it. Some businesses use canopies to protect the outdoor office signs.

Keep the signs clean

Regular maintenance will make your outdoor signs long-lasting. Remove the stains and dirt from the surface regularly to check for any signs of wear.

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