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Do You Need Backlink Quantity or Quality in 2024

Backlinks are all about driving traffic to your website, and this is done by placing your links where others will find it naturally and leading them back to you, like a trail of breadcrumbs. 

But does it really matter if the breadcrumbs are the best quality or does having a lot of breadcrumbs matter more. 

Let’s go into why high-quality link building matters, and why quantity, to a certain extent, also matters. 

What Are Quality Backlinks? 

Quality backlinks are those that come from high domain authority websites (websites that are experts in their field). When you build links from these websites that have high quality content and great keywords, it’s a recipe for high quality links. 

Here’s what having high quality links can do for you:

Better SEO Overall

Search engines love authority websites, so if you have a great link coming from this site you get to burrow some of this authority. Digital marketers love to call this ‘link juice’ and it helps website rank better overall. 

More Traffic Overall

There are two main ways high quality backlinks bring you traffic. The first is by referring to people. This is when you get valuable links, and this opens pathways from high traffic domains to you (like we mentioned above).

The other is to improve your website rankings overall on search engine results and this is done with high quality backlinks over time. This takes a little more time than the above option, but it is worth I in the long run, as the first page of Google results gives you a lot of authority. 

Better Brand Value 

Once you build a great backlink portfolio of high-quality links, people who are already interested in your industry are more likely to find you in more than one place. This gives your brand inherent value. 

However, to do this you need to be aware of your target audience so you can find them where they are already active and tap into this market more accurately. This is done by looking into your target audience and the target audience of the websites you want to link to, and takes some expertise, but again, it’s entirely worth it. 

What Are Quantity backlinks?

A quantity-based link building strategy is when you ditch the idea of quality and aim for as high a number of backlinks as possible. You don’t care who you link to, as long as you get a great link, and there’s no need to vet the blogs you’re linking to, anyone will do. 

This process often results in high short-term results. But can end up crippling you visibility overtime. This is because google prefers high quality links, of the right quantity.

So having one high quality link a month may not be enough, but 200 is too many. The secret lies in dinging the right number of links to match the size of your business. 

While you’re trying to find this perfect number, it’s a good idea to not link to these types of websites, as they are not favoured by search engines at all. 

Unsecure Sites: These are any sites that have uncertain security levels. These are seen by google to be potential risks to their users and any links from these websites will harm your authority. 

Spammy Sites: These websites are stuffed with keywords and have no value in terms of content, these are not good sites to link to either. 

Link Schemes: Google hates link schemes and has practices in place to notice them quickly and keeps an eye on them. You will end up not ranking high if you participate, so avoid this at all costs.  

Choose The Right Help

When you want the most out of link building and you want to find the perfect balance between quality and quantity, you need to work with an expert link-building agency to help guide you with national link building for national SEO and global link building for global SEO. This agency is Perfect Link Building, the best in the world of link building worldwide. 

With their team of experts, you can quickly navigate the world of leaving just the right type and number of breadcrumbs from an external site to yours. 

What are you waiting for? Contact Perfect Link Building and get started today! 


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