Ducati Monster Price in india, Colors, Mileage, Features, Specs and Competitors

Introducing the Ducati Monster: Where style, power, and unrivaled performance converge to create an irresistible two-wheeled masterpiece. With a legacy dating back to 1993, the Ducati Monster has captured the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe, and its presence on the road is nothing short of breathtaking.

At first glance, the Monster’s striking design commands attention. Its aggressive lines, muscular stance, and captivating Italian craftsmanship make it an object of desire for those with an insatiable passion for motorcycles. Every curve and contour exudes a sense of purpose and elegance, showcasing the perfect fusion of form and function.

Ducati Monster Price

Ducati has launched the Monster SP in India, which is around Rs 2.75 to 3 lakh.

the starting price for a new Ducati Monster typically ranged from around $9,000 to $12,000 USD.

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Ducati Monster Variants

Here are a few notable variants:

  1. Ducati Monster 821: This variant features a liquid-cooled, 821cc Testastretta engine, offering a balance of power and versatility. It comes with advanced electronics, adjustable suspension, and various riding modes for a customizable riding experience.
  2. Ducati Monster 1200: The Monster 1200 boasts a larger displacement with its liquid-cooled, 1,198cc Testastretta engine, delivering impressive power and performance. It offers advanced rider aids, multiple riding modes, and a comfortable riding position.
  3. Ducati Monster 1200 R: Building upon the Monster 1200, the Monster 1200 R is the most powerful variant in the Monster lineup. It features an upgraded engine, high-performance components, and a sportier riding position. It’s designed for those seeking ultimate performance and a thrilling riding experience.
  4. Ducati Monster 797: The Monster 797 is a more accessible entry-level variant, featuring a air-cooled, 803cc Desmodue engine. It combines classic Monster styling with user-friendly performance, making it an ideal choice for riders who are new to the Ducati brand.
  5. Ducati Monster 937: Introduced in 2021, the Monster 937 is the latest iteration of the Monster series. It is powered by a liquid-cooled, 937cc Testastretta engine, offering increased power and torque. It features advanced electronics, modern styling, and improved ergonomics.
Ducati Monster
Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster Colors

  1. Red: A classic and iconic color choice for the Ducati Monster, representing the brand’s racing heritage and passion.
  2. Black: A sleek and sophisticated option, black adds a touch of elegance and enhances the Monster’s aggressive design.
  3. White: White offers a clean and modern look, accentuating the Monster’s lines and giving it a fresh and eye-catching appearance.
  4. Yellow: A vibrant and bold color choice, yellow brings a sense of energy and stands out on the road, making a statement wherever it goes.
  5. Gray/Silver: A more subtle and understated option, gray or silver provides a sophisticated and timeless look to the Monster.

Ducati Monster Mileage

The Ducati Monster models typically offer a range of fuel efficiencies that can vary between 35 to 45 miles per gallon (15 to 19 kilometers per liter) under normal riding conditions. These estimates can vary depending on factors such as city or highway riding, traffic conditions, riding style, and the engine displacement of the specific Monster model.

Ducati Monster Features

  1. engine Performance: Ducati Monsters are equipped with powerful engines that deliver exhilarating performance. The engine options range from 797cc to 1200cc, providing a thrilling combination of power and torque.
  2. Riding Modes: Ducati offers multiple riding modes, typically including options such as Sport, Touring, and Urban. These modes adjust throttle response, power delivery, and electronic settings to suit different riding conditions and preferences.
  3. Electronics and Safety Systems: Ducati incorporates advanced electronics and safety systems to enhance rider control and safety. These may include traction control, cornering ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), wheelie control, and quick-shifters for seamless gear shifting.
  4. Suspension: Most Ducati Monsters feature adjustable suspension systems, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s handling characteristics according to their preferences and riding conditions.
  5. Ergonomics: The Monster’s ergonomics are designed to offer a comfortable riding position, striking a balance between sportiness and comfort. Adjustable seats, handlebars, and footpegs contribute to a personalized fit.
  6. TFT Display: Many modern Ducati Monster models come equipped with a full-color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) display. This high-resolution screen provides important information such as speed, gear position, fuel level, and various riding modes.
  7. LED Lighting: Ducati Monsters typically feature LED lighting systems, offering enhanced visibility and a modern aesthetic. This includes LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals.
  8. Exhaust System: The exhaust system on the Ducati Monster is not just functional but also adds to its distinctive sound and style. It often includes a twin-pipe configuration, emphasizing the bike’s aggressive character.
  9. Connectivity: Some Ducati Monster models offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to pair their smartphones with the bike’s display system. This enables access to music, phone calls, and navigation information.
  10. Design and Styling: Ducati Monsters are known for their striking design, characterized by muscular lines, aggressive stance, and a minimalist approach. Each model embodies Ducati’s iconic aesthetic, showcasing Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Ducati Monster Specs

  1. Engine: Ducati Monster models feature various engine options, typically ranging from 797cc to 1200cc, with different configurations and power outputs.
  2. Power and Torque: The power output and torque figures can vary depending on the specific engine and model. Ducati Monsters typically deliver impressive power and torque to provide an exhilarating riding experience.
  3. Transmission: Most Ducati Monsters are equipped with a multi-plate clutch and a manual transmission system. Some models may also feature quick-shifter systems for seamless gear shifting.
  4. Frame: Ducati Monsters often utilize a trellis frame construction, which provides a combination of rigidity and lightness for excellent handling characteristics.
  5. Suspension: The suspension systems in Ducati Monster models typically consist of adjustable forks at the front and adjustable shock absorbers at the rear, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s suspension setup.
  6. Brakes: Ducati Monsters are equipped with high-performance braking systems, often featuring dual front discs and a single rear disc for effective stopping power. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is commonly included for enhanced safety.
  7. Weight: The weight of Ducati Monster models can vary depending on the specific model and its components. Ducati focuses on achieving a balance between performance and weight reduction to enhance agility and handling.
  8. Seat Height: Ducati Monsters typically have a seat height that ranges from approximately 780mm to 830mm, providing a comfortable riding position for a wide range of riders.
  9. Fuel Capacity: The fuel tank capacity of Ducati Monster models can vary, typically ranging from around 13 liters to 16 liters, ensuring a decent range for both short and long rides.
  10. Electronics and Features: Ducati Monsters often come equipped with advanced electronics and features such as traction control, multiple riding modes, digital instrument displays, LED lighting, and more. The specific features can vary based on the model and year.

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Ducati Monster Competitors

  1. Triumph Street Triple: The Triumph Street Triple is a popular competitor to the Ducati Monster, offering a range of models with different engine displacements. It features a powerful engine, agile handling, and modern styling, making it a strong contender in the segment.
  2. Yamaha MT-09: The Yamaha MT-09 (also known as the Yamaha FZ-09 in some markets) is another formidable competitor. It boasts a torquey three-cylinder engine, dynamic handling, and a distinctive aggressive design, appealing to riders seeking a thrilling and versatile riding experience.
  3. Kawasaki Z900: The Kawasaki Z900 is known for its muscular design, strong performance, and refined handling. It features a powerful inline-four engine, advanced electronics, and a comfortable riding position, making it a worthy rival to the Ducati Monster.
  4. BMW R nineT: The BMW R nineT combines classic styling with modern performance. It offers a range of variants and customization options, featuring a boxer engine, high-quality components, and a retro-inspired design, attracting riders looking for a unique and timeless naked bike.
  5. Aprilia Tuono V4: The Aprilia Tuono V4 is a high-performance naked bike derived from its sportbike counterpart, the Aprilia RSV4. It packs a powerful V4 engine, advanced electronics, and race-inspired components, delivering blistering acceleration and exceptional handling.

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How to Book Online Ducati Monster?

To book a Ducati Monster online, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the official Ducati website: Go to the official Ducati website (www.ducati.com) and navigate to the section dedicated to the Monster model. There, you’ll find information about the available Monster models, specifications, and pricing.
  2. Configure your bike: Explore the available options, such as engine displacement, color choices, and optional features or packages. Select the desired configuration that suits your preferences and needs.
  3. Find a dealer: Use the Ducati website’s dealer locator tool to find authorized Ducati dealerships near you. This will allow you to proceed with the online booking process or get in touch with the dealership for further assistance.
  4. Contact the dealership: Reach out to the dealership directly, either through their provided contact information on the website or by using any online inquiry forms they may have. Inform them of your interest in booking a Ducati Monster and provide them with the specific details of the configuration you desire.
  5. Booking process: The dealership will guide you through the booking process. They will provide you with the necessary information, including pricing, payment options, and any required documentation. They may ask for a deposit to secure your booking.
  6. Financing and insurance: If you require financing or insurance for your Ducati Monster, the dealership can provide information and assistance in arranging these services. They can guide you through the process and help you understand the available options.
  7. Delivery and pickup: Once your booking is confirmed and the necessary arrangements are made, the dealership will provide you with information on the estimated delivery date and pickup process. They will also explain any additional steps required, such as completing paperwork or attending a pre-delivery inspection.

Ducati Monster Quotes

  1. “Beauty is the ultimate expression of power.” – Unknown
  2. “Ride the Monster, feel the thrill.” – Unknown
  3. “Life is too short for ordinary rides.” – Unknown
  4. “In a world full of followers, be a Monster.” – Unknown
  5. “The road is your canvas, the Monster is your brush.” – Unknown
  6. “Unleash your inner beast, ride the Monster.” – Unknown
  7. “The Ducati Monster: Where style meets performance.” – Unknown
  8. “Not just a motorcycle, a way of life.” – Unknown
  9. “Fear nothing, conquer everything on a Ducati Monster.” – Unknown
  10. “The Ducati Monster: Ignite your passion for riding.” – Unknown

Ducati Monster FAQs

  1. What is the Ducati Monster?
    • The Ducati Monster is a line of naked or streetfighter motorcycles produced by Ducati. It is known for its aggressive styling, powerful engines, and versatile performance.
  2. What are the different models of the Ducati Monster?
    • Ducati offers a range of Monster models with varying engine displacements and specifications. Some popular models include the Monster 797, Monster 821, and Monster 1200.
  3. What is the price range of the Ducati Monster?
    • The price of the Ducati Monster can vary depending on the model, year, and optional features. Prices typically ranged from around $9,000 to $17,000 USD. However, it’s important to check the current prices on the official Ducati website or contact authorized Ducati dealerships for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.
  4. What is the top speed of the Ducati Monster?
    • The top speed of the Ducati Monster can vary depending on the specific model and engine configuration. It ranges from approximately 130 mph (209 km/h) for the smaller-displacement models to over 160 mph (257 km/h) for the more powerful variants.
  5. What are the available color options for the Ducati Monster?
    • The color options for the Ducati Monster can vary depending on the model and year. Some common color choices include red, black, white, yellow, and gray/silver. It’s recommended to check the official Ducati website or contact authorized dealerships for the latest information on available colors.
  6. Is the Ducati Monster suitable for beginners?
    • Ducati Monsters can vary in terms of power and performance. While some models may be suitable for beginners, others are designed with more experienced riders in mind. It’s important for beginners to assess their riding skills and consider factors such as engine displacement, weight, and overall handling before choosing a Ducati Monster model.
  7. What are the maintenance requirements for the Ducati Monster?
    • Like any motorcycle, the Ducati Monster requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes routine tasks such as oil changes, chain lubrication and adjustment, tire maintenance, and periodic inspections of various components. It’s recommended to follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual and have the motorcycle serviced by authorized Ducati dealerships or qualified technicians.
  8. Does the Ducati Monster come with a warranty?

    • Yes, Ducati offers a warranty for the Monster models. The duration and specific terms of the warranty can vary depending on the region and country. It’s best to refer to the official Ducati website or contact authorized dealerships to obtain detailed information about the warranty coverage for the Ducati Monster in your area.


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