EA Sports FC Gears Up for FIFA World Cup 2026

EA Sports FC Gears Up for FIFA World Cup 2026

JBO EA Sports FC, a well-known name in the esports industry, holds the license to develop FIFA World Cup mode every four years. With the FIFA World Cup 2026 just around the corner, EA Sports has announced their preparations for this highly anticipated event, sending excitement among fans worldwide.

EA Sports FC to Update World Cup Team Information

EA Sports FC is currently compiling a list of current World Cup teams and players for each team in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2026 mode. Players can rest assured that every qualified national team and player will be available on the pitch.

Official Announcements from EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC has made four official announcements regarding updates for FIFA World Cup 2026:

  1. Development of both Limited Tournament and Story Mode World Cup competitions
  2. Introduction of World Cup player card packs featuring players from all participating nations
  3. Superior gameplay and graphics to create a realistic World Cup experience
  4. Player stats for all World Cup players accurately reflect their current abilities using a highly precise analysis system

Engaging Activities from EA Sports FC for Fans

In addition to announcing the World Cup mode for FIFA World Cup 2026, EA Sports FC has also begun creating exciting activities and campaigns for fans worldwide to enjoy. These include tournaments in tournament mode and prediction contests, with various prizes up for grabs.

World-Class Football Competition on All Platforms

EA Sports FC’s upcoming World Cup mode will be available on the Jbo website, including PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. While there is no official word yet on whether players will need to purchase the World Cup mode separately, it is recommended to stay tuned for future game updates.

EA Sports FC: Get Ready for FIFA World Cup 2026

Get ready for the FIFA World Cup 2026 in EA Sports FC! Rest assured that in 2026, JBO THAILAND gamers worldwide will be able to enjoy the World Cup mode with national teams and players from all participating countries, along with a plethora of engaging activities.


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