Emiru Stated That She Gave Dyrus A Second Chance In Their Relationship

Emiru Stated That She Gave Dyrus A Second Chance In Their Relationship

Dyrus, a retired League of Legends professional, has been romantically involved with fellow gamer Emiru since 2016. Widely admired as the epitome of relationship goals within the gaming and streaming communities, their delightful interactions on live broadcasts have garnered significant attention. Nevertheless, the news of their potential separation in 2020 came as a surprise to many of their devoted followers.

Dyrus Was Given a Second Chance in Relationship

Fans of Twitch streams were enjoying the entertaining gaming sessions of their beloved duo. Little did they know that behind the scenes, Dyrus and Emiru were on the verge of a breakup. On May 1, 2020, Dyrus took to Twitter to provide transparency about his relationship, admitting to causing emotional and psychological harm to his fiancée.

In his tweet, Dyrus shared that they were on the brink of a breakup, but his partner had given their relationship a second chance, and he was actively seeking rehabilitation.

He apologized for a previous post in April, now deleted, acknowledging a “very major mistake” and expressing his commitment to making amends. Dyrus aimed to be honest about the situation, revealing that their relationship had nearly ended due to the harm he had caused Emily.

In conclusion, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work on their relationship and promised to seek counseling. Dyrus apologized for causing concern and admitted that he shouldn’t have initially shared the information on Twitter.

The deleted tweet remains a mystery, but there’s hope that the couple is in a better place in their relationship.

Timeline of the Emiru-Dyrus Relationship

The Twitch streaming pair has shared more than four years together. Although they officially began dating in June, the gamer revealed his engagement on December 2, 2016, through a heartwarming Instagram post.

Since then, their bond has remained strong, supporting each other through various life stages. As both are active streamers, they frequently collaborate in gaming sessions, cross-promote on their channels, and openly share moments on social media.

Their affection is evident in the public eye, with Emiru taking to Twitter on Valentine’s Day in 2017 to share beautiful images of herself and Dyrus along with a heartfelt message expressing gratitude for his consistent love and support.

In celebrating their third year together, the former League of Legends player posted an animated image on June 21, 2019, featuring two lovers kissing, explicitly acknowledging his relationship milestone with his girlfriend. Although there have been no recent updates on their relationship since then, the absence of any removal of posts involving his girlfriend suggests that they are likely still together.

Who is Emiru?

Dyrus’ partner is a costume designer, showcasing her artistic creations featuring various anime characters on her Instagram account, Emiru.jpg. In addition to her passion for design, she is an avid video game enthusiast.

In a tweet dated October 17, 2019, she revealed a significant decision in her past relationship. Faced with an ultimatum from her high school boyfriend to choose between him and League of Legends, she prioritized her love for the game and decided to move forward without him.


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