Garden Picnic Areas: Creating Inviting Spaces with Picnic Tables and Benches

Public gardens are a breath of clean air in bustling towns and tranquil towns alike. They provide a space for relaxation, activity, and connection with nature. But what without a doubt elevates a public lawn revel in? Inviting picnic regions!

Imagine this: a sunny afternoon, mild breeze rustling thru the leaves, and the great aroma of a picnic basket wafting thru the air. Picnic regions provide the correct putting for households, buddies, or maybe solo adventurers to enjoy a scrumptious meal surrounded through the use of way of nature’s beauty.

So, how are we able to create these inviting picnic havens in our public gardens? Let’s delve into the arena of picnic tables and benches, the cornerstones of any purposeful picnic place.

Sturdy and Stylish Picnic Tables:

The picnic table is the heart of a picnic area. Here are some key considerations:

Durability: Public picnic tables endure a lot of wear and tear. Opt for weather-resistant materials like concrete or metal. For a more natural look, consider high-quality waterproof plywood.

Comfort: The table size should comfortably seat a group of 4-6 people. Opt for rounded corners to prevent injuries, especially in areas frequented by children.

Design: Classic rectangular tables are always a good choice. However, you can incorporate circular or hexagon-shaped tables for a more unique aesthetic.

Waterproof Plywood: A Viable Option

Treated plywood sheets offer a cost-effective and versatile option for picnic tables. Here’s why:

Durability: Waterproof plywood is treated to withstand rain, sun, and even occasional spills.

Versatility: Plywood sheets can be cut and shaped to create various table designs. You can even create benches using the same material for a cohesive look.

Cost-effective: Compared to concrete or metal, plywood offers a budget-friendly alternative.

Comforting Companions: Benches

Benches are the perfect complement to picnic tables. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Placement: Position benches strategically around the garden, offering scenic views or a shady respite.

Material: Choose materials that complement the picnic tables and blend seamlessly with the garden’s aesthetics. Consider using the same waterproof plywood for a uniform look.

Accessibility: Ensure some benches are accessible for people with disabilities.

Beyond the Basics: Adding Flair

While functionality is key, don’t forget to add a touch of personality to your picnic area! Here are some ideas:

Shade Sails: Offer solar safety with colourful or patterned color sails.

Waste Bins: Strategically located bins make certain responsible waste disposal.

Lighting: String lighting fixtures or solar lanterns can create a mystical environment inside the evenings.

By incorporating these recommendations, you may create inviting picnic regions that becomes a cherished part of your public garden. So, take hold of a picnic basket, collect your loved ones, and head for your local park to experience the joy of eating al fresco in a lovely putting!


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