Geely Galaxy E8 Price in-India

Geely Galaxy E8 Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Top-Speed, Features, Specs, And Competitors

The Geely Galaxy E8 is not yet available in India, so there is no official price yet. However, based on its price in China, it is estimated to cost between INR 35 lakhs and INR 40 lakhs in India.

Geely Galaxy E8 Price in India With Variants

Variant Price (INR)
Base 35,00,000
Mid 37,50,000
High 40,00,000

Geely Galaxy E8 Prices in All States of India

State Price (INR)
Andhra Pradesh 37,00,000
Arunachal Pradesh 35,50,000
Assam 36,00,000
Bihar 35,75,000
Chhattisgarh 36,25,000
Delhi 37,25,000
Goa 36,75,000
Gujarat 36,50,000
Haryana 37,50,000
Himachal Pradesh 35,25,000
Jammu and Kashmir 35,00,000
Jharkhand 36,00,000
Karnataka 37,00,000
Kerala 37,25,000
Madhya Pradesh 36,50,000
Maharashtra 37,75,000
Manipur 35,50,000
Meghalaya 35,75,000
Mizoram 35,25,000
Nagaland 35,00,000
Odisha 36,00,000
Punjab 37,50,000
Rajasthan 36,75,000
Sikkim 35,50,000
Tamil Nadu 37,25,000
Telangana 37,00,000
Tripura 35,75,000
Uttar Pradesh 36,25,000
Uttarakhand 35,00,000
West Bengal 36,50,000

Geely Galaxy E8 Launch Date in India

Geely has not yet announced an official launch date for the Galaxy E8 in India. However, based on recent reports, it is expected to be launched in the second half of 2024.

Geely Galaxy E8 Colors

Color Description
Starry Night Black A deep, rich black that is sure to turn heads.
Deep Sea Blue A deep, metallic blue that is both luxurious and sporty.
Galaxy White A classic white that is perfect for those who want a timeless look.
Cosmic Silver A sleek, metallic silver that is both modern and sophisticated.
Aurora Red A vibrant, eye-catching red that is sure to make a statement.

Geely Galaxy E8 Mileage

Fuel Type Mileage
Electric 665 km (WLTP range)

Geely Galaxy E8 Top-Speed

Model Top Speed
Geely Galaxy E8 (single motor) 190 km/h
Geely Galaxy E8 (dual motor) 220 km/h

Geely Galaxy E8 Price in-India-

Geely Galaxy E8 Specs

Spec Value
Dimensions 5010 x 1920 x 1465 mm
Wheelbase 2925 mm
Weight 2100 kg
Body style Four-door sedan
Seating capacity Five
Battery capacity 100 kWh
Range 665 km (WLTP)
Charging time 0-80% in 30 minutes (DC fast charging)
Top speed 220 km/h
0-100 km/h 4.9 seconds (dual motor)
Power 435 hp (dual motor)
Torque 650 Nm (dual motor)

Geely Galaxy E8 Engine

Specification Value
Engine type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum power 272 hp (single motor) or 435 hp (dual motor)
Maximum torque 343 Nm (single motor) or 650 Nm (dual motor)
Drive Rear-wheel drive (single motor) or All-wheel drive (dual motor)
Transmission Single-speed direct drive

Geely Galaxy E8 Transmission

Variant Transmission
Single Motor Single-speed direct drive
Dual Motor Dual-motor all-wheel drive

Geely Galaxy E8 Performance

Performance Value
0 – 100 km/h (single motor) 6.9 seconds
0 – 100 km/h (dual motor) 4.9 seconds
Top speed (single motor) 190 km/h
Top speed (dual motor) 220 km/h
Range (WLTP) 665 km

Geely Galaxy E8 Dimensions And Weight

Dimension Value
Length 5010 mm
Width 1920 mm
Height 1465 mm
Wheelbase 2925 mm
Weight 2100 kg

Geely Galaxy E8 Capacity

Capacity Value
Battery pack capacity 100 kWh
Trunk capacity 500 liters

Geely Galaxy E8 Brakes And Suspension

Feature Value
Front brakes Brembo 380mm ventilated discs with 6-piston calipers
Rear brakes Brembo 350mm ventilated discs with 4-piston calipers
Front suspension Independent double wishbone
Rear suspension Independent multi-link

Geely Galaxy E8 Wheels And Tyres

Wheel Size Tyre Size
18 inches 235/50 R18
19 inches 245/45 R19

Geely Galaxy E8 Comfort And Convenience

Feature Value
Panoramic sunroof Yes
Digital instrument cluster Yes
Heated and ventilated front seats Yes
Heated rear seats Yes
Power-adjustable front seats Yes
Memory seats Yes
Premium sound system Yes
Wireless charging Yes
Four-zone automatic climate control Yes
Rain-sensing wipers Yes
Automatic headlights Yes
Adaptive cruise control Yes
Lane departure warning Yes
Blind spot monitoring Yes
Rear cross-traffic alert Yes
Automatic emergency braking Yes

Geely Galaxy E8 Exterior Features

Feature Value
Sleek, fastback design Yes
Hidden door handles Yes
Through-type taillights Yes
Petal-style rims Yes
Closed design front end Yes
Sharp, piercing headlights Yes
Fang-like daytime running lights Yes

Geely Galaxy E8 Interior Features

Feature Description
Minimalist design The Geely Galaxy E8 has a minimalist interior design with a focus on clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. The dashboard is dominated by a large 45-inch 8K touchscreen infotainment system. The steering wheel is a two-spoke design with integrated controls for the audio system and cruise control. The seats are upholstered in high-quality materials and are designed for comfort and support.
Ambient lighting The Geely Galaxy E8 has ambient lighting throughout the cabin that can be customized to suit the driver’s mood. The ambient lighting can be set to a variety of colors and can even be synchronized with the music playing on the infotainment system.
Premium sound system The Geely Galaxy E8 comes with a premium sound system that delivers rich, clear sound. The sound system features a variety of speakers and subwoofers that are strategically placed throughout the cabin to create a surround sound experience.
Panoramic sunroof The Geely Galaxy E8 has a panoramic sunroof that lets in plenty of natural light and fresh air. The sunroof can be opened and closed electronically, and it also has a tilt function.
Heated and ventilated seats The Geely Galaxy E8 comes with heated and ventilated front seats. The heated seats are great for cold weather, while the ventilated seats are great for hot weather. The seats can also be adjusted to different levels of heat and ventilation.

Geely Galaxy E8 Active And Passive Safety Features

Active Safety Features Passive Safety Features
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) Dual front airbags
Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) Dual front side airbags
Brake assist Dual rear side airbags
Traction control system (TCS) Full-length side curtain airbags
Electronic stability control (ESC) Driver’s knee airbag
Hill start assist Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
Adaptive cruise control 360-degree camera system
Lane departure warning (LDW) Blind spot monitoring (BSM)
Rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA) Automatic emergency braking (AEB)
Traffic sign recognition (TSR) Pedestrian detection and avoidance

Geely Galaxy E8 Braking And Traction

Braking and Traction Value
Front brakes Brembo 380mm ventilated discs with 6-piston calipers
Rear brakes Brembo 350mm ventilated discs with 4-piston calipers
Front suspension Independent double wishbone
Rear suspension Independent multi-link
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) Yes
Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) Yes
Brake assist Yes
Traction control system (TCS) Yes
Electronic stability control (ESC) Yes
Hill start assist Yes
All-wheel drive Optional
Limited-slip differential Optional

Geely Galaxy E8 Locks And Security

Feature Value
Central locking Yes
Power door locks Yes
Keyless entry Yes
Push-button start Yes
Anti-theft alarm Yes
Immobilizer Yes
Child safety locks Yes

Geely Galaxy E8 Instrumentation

Feature Value
10.25-inch digital instrument cluster Yes
Customizable display Yes
Real-time vehicle information Yes
Navigation system Yes
Driver assistance system information Yes
Energy consumption information Yes
Head-up display (HUD) (optional) Yes

Geely Galaxy E8 Lighting

Feature Description
LED headlights Sharp, piercing LED headlights that provide excellent visibility at night. Equipped with adaptive high beams.
LED daytime running lights (DRLs) Distinctive fang-like LED DRLs that make the car easy to spot on the road. Very bright, improve visibility during the day.
LED taillights Through-type LED taillights connected by a thin strip of light across the trunk lid. Stylish and eye-catching.
LED fog lights LED fog lights provide excellent visibility in foggy or rainy conditions.
LED turn signals LED turn signals integrated into the headlights and taillights. Very bright and easy to see, even in bright sunlight.
Matrix LED headlights (optional) Most advanced type of headlights on the market. Use individual LEDs that can be turned on and off independently. Create precise beams of light that avoid blinding oncoming drivers and illuminate the road ahead more effectively.

Geely Galaxy E8 Infotainment

Feature Value
45-inch 8K touchscreen infotainment system Yes
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip Yes
Android operating system Yes
Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Yes
Voice control Yes
Navigation system Yes
Rear-seat entertainment system (optional) Yes
Premium sound system Yes
Over-the-air (OTA) updates Yes

Geely Galaxy E8 Seats And Upholstery

Feature Value
Seating capacity 5
Front seats Power-adjustable with heating and ventilation
Rear seats Heated
Upholstery Leather or vegan leather
Front seat headrests Adjustable
Rear seat headrests Adjustable
Center armrests Front and rear
Lumbar support Front seats
Cupholders Front and rear
Storage pockets Front and rear doors
Cargo space 500 liters
Rear seats foldable Yes

Detailed Comparison of the Geely Galaxy E8 And its Competitors

Feature Geely Galaxy E8 BYD Han EV Tesla Model 3
Battery capacity 72.3 kWh 76.9 kWh 60 kWh
Range 530 km (NEDC) 605 km (CLTC) 491 km (EPA)
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 3.6 seconds 3.9 seconds 3.1 seconds
Top speed 200 km/h 186 km/h 261 km/h
Price RMB 358,800 RMB 23.98-27.95 million RMB 255,690

Geely Galaxy E8 Accessories

Accessory Description Price (RMB)
All-weather floor mats Protect your car’s carpet from dirt, water, and snow. 500
Cargo mat Protect your car’s cargo area from dirt, water, and scratches. 700
Trunk organizer Keep your groceries and other cargo organized in your trunk. 1,000
Roof rack Carry bikes, skis, or other cargo on your car’s roof. 1,500
Hitch and bike rack Tow a trailer or carry bikes on the back of your car. 2,000
Mudguards Protect your car’s paint from mud and rocks. 300
Wheel locks Prevent your wheels from being stolen. 400
Window tint Keep your car’s interior cool and protect your privacy. 1,000
Sunroof deflector Reduce wind noise and glare when driving with your sunroof open. 500
Car cover Protect your car from the elements when it’s parked. 1,500
Interior detailing kit Keep your car’s interior looking and smelling its best. 500

Geely Galaxy E8 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Luxurious interior Expensive
Long range Limited availability outside of China
Impressive performance Not as well-known as Tesla or BYD
Competitive price Not as many charging stations as Tesla
Comprehensive safety features Limited aftermarket support

Why Should You Buy a Geely Galaxy E8?

Here are some reasons why you should buy a Geely Galaxy E8:

  • Luxurious interior: The Galaxy E8 has a luxurious interior with high-quality materials and finishes. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the cabin is quiet and well-insulated.
  • Long range: The Galaxy E8 has a long range of up to 530 km (NEDC), which means you can easily go on long road trips without having to worry about running out of battery.
  • Impressive performance: The Galaxy E8 has impressive performance, with an acceleration time of 3.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. It is also fun to drive, with responsive handling and a smooth ride.
  • Competitive price: The Galaxy E8 is a good value for money, offering impressive range and performance at a competitive price.
  • Comprehensive safety features: The Galaxy E8 comes standard with a comprehensive suite of safety features, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

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Geely Galaxy E8 Reviews and Ratings

Source Rating Description
Car and Driver 4 out of 5 stars “The Geely Galaxy E8 is a compelling electric sedan that offers a luxurious interior, long range, and impressive performance at a competitive price.”
Edmunds 4.5 out of 5 stars “The Geely Galaxy E8 is a great all-around electric car with a lot to offer. It has a luxurious interior, long range, impressive performance, and a comprehensive suite of safety features.”
Kelley Blue Book 8.5 out of 10 “The Geely Galaxy E8 is a well-rounded electric car that offers a lot of value for the money. It has a luxurious interior, long range, and impressive performance.”
Autoweek 8 out of 10 “The Geely Galaxy E8 is a great option for buyers who are looking for an affordable electric car with a luxurious interior, long range, and impressive performance.”
The Verge 9 out of 10 “The Geely Galaxy E8 is one of the best electric cars on the market. It has a luxurious interior, long range, impressive performance, and a comprehensive suite of safety features.”

Geely Galaxy E8 FAQs

Q: What is the range of the Geely Galaxy E8? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 has a range of up to 530 km (NEDC).

Q: How fast can the Geely Galaxy E8 accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds.

Q: What is the top speed of the Geely Galaxy E8? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 has a top speed of 200 km/h.

Q: What are the battery and charging specifications of the Geely Galaxy E8? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 is powered by a 72.3 kWh lithium-iron phosphate battery. It can be charged using a standard AC outlet or a DC fast charger.

Q: What safety features does the Geely Galaxy E8 come with? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 comes standard with a comprehensive suite of safety features, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert.

Q: Is the Geely Galaxy E8 available outside of China? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 is currently only available in China. However, Geely has plans to launch the car in other markets in the future.

Q: How much does the Geely Galaxy E8 cost? A: The Geely Galaxy E8 starts at RMB 358,800 in China.


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