Honda Passport Trailsport Gets Even More Off-Road Capable for 2024

With Toyota recently unveiling the 2024 4Runner, it’s clear that the competition among automakers is heating up. However, Honda is now stepping into the spotlight with its 2024 Passport, aiming to make a strong statement in the highly competitive mid-size SUV market. The new Passport offers enhanced off-road capabilities and an extra layer of refinement, solidifying its position as an attractive choice for SUV shoppers.

Honda's Passport

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The 2024 Passport also brings practicality and ergonomic improvements to the forefront, featuring a wider center console capable of comfortably holding a large tablet PC and an upgraded storage tray that can accommodate up to two smartphone-sized items for added convenience during long journeys.

In addition to these enhancements, the new Honda Passport Black Edition adds a touch of luxury and style to the lineup. With high-end paint color options such as Platinum White, Sonic Gray, and Radiant Red, paired with painted 20-inch black wheels and contrasting red accents in the leather seats and interior lighting, it offers a premium and visually appealing driving experience.

Lance Wheeler, Assistant Vice President of Honda National Auto Sales for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., emphasizes that Honda’s TrailSport models, including the 2024 Passport TrailSport, are designed to build upon the company’s legacy of adventure and off-road performance while maintaining excellent on-road dynamics.

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It’s worth noting that all 2024 Passports will be proudly manufactured at Honda’s advanced domestic facility in Lincoln, Alabama, supporting local jobs and reinforcing Honda’s commitment to the American market.

Stay tuned for more information on pricing for the 2024 Passport as it becomes available. This commitment to manufacturing in the United States adds to the appeal of choosing Honda for those who value keeping jobs within the country.

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