How can you plan EV charging?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in India. In 2023, more than 15 lakh EVs were sold, and in February 2024, 1,44,640 electric vehicles were registered which clearly shows the increase in EV adoption in India. But with the increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road, you must plan your EV charging for a better vehicle experience. In this blog, we will share how you can plan your EV charging for a smooth driving experience.

Let us first understand how EV charging works

To charge an electric vehicle, EV chargers draw current from the grid and then translate that AC current into DC current, which then charges your battery. EV chargers draw electrical current, measured in volts, and deliver it to the vehicle battery, measured in amps. The volts and amps deliver kilowatts (kW) of power to the EV battery. Thus, the kW mentioned in the battery is the rate at which your EV gets charged. 

Generally, people charge their electric vehicles at home and use public charging stations occasionally or whenever they plan long trips. Home chargers are AC chargers that often take more time to charge your EV, and DC chargers, also known as public chargers, are fast chargers that quickly charge your electric vehicle.

Tips to plan your EV charging

You can easily plan your EV charging by following a few tips. 

  1. Nothing can beat the convenience of home charging. Just plug your EV at night into your household power socket and wake up with a fully charged electric vehicle ready for your next adventure.
  2. Always charge your EV in advance to avoid a last-minute rush. AC charging is slow, but it does not put much stress on your electric vehicle as compared to DC chargers.
  3. Follow the 20/80 charging rule for efficient charging. It means plugging in an EV charger when your battery reaches 20% level and plugging out the charger when your battery reaches 80% level.
  4. Sometimes, we embark on long EV trips, which is very common nowadays because you can easily locate public EV charging stations across the country. Many startups have installed EV chargers to eliminate the range anxiety of EV owners.

Charge at the Statiq EV charging stations for a fast and hassle-free experience

Now enjoy hassle-free EV charging at Statiq EV charging station in just 3 steps.

  1. Download Statiq app and create your profile by registering your mobile number.
  2. Find nearby charging stations by allowing location access to the app.
  3. Book charging at your nearby charger and pay conveniently using a Statiq wallet.

Statiq has installed more than 7,000 EV charging stations across 63+ cities in India. Our charging stations have both AC and DC chargers that can charge both electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers. All you need to do is download the Statiq app and locate nearby chargers. With a route planner, you can find all the nearby charging stations en route and plan your EV journey accordingly.


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