How Hydrating Cleansers Can Soothe And Revitalise Dry Skin

Irrespective of what skincare routine you follow, washing your face has to be your top priority. But if you have dry skin, then you may not be that much of a fan of washing your face. This is because every time dry skin people wash their face, they may feel that their skin is stripped of its natural moisture and natural oils.

This often happens when you pick the wrong cleanser. So, your responsibility is to pick the cleanser that suits your skin the best and doesn’t irritate your skin. Out of the wide variety of cleansers, one such cleanser is a hydrating cleanser. It has been making quite a noise in the skincare market for all the right reasons.

What are Hydrating Cleansers?

It is important to understand that there’s not a single cleanser that will suit everybody, as everyone has a different skin type. Likewise, each skin has different needs and wants, and they must be catered to the same.

For dry skin, a hydrating cleanser is needed to solve the skin issue. Hydrating cleanser is named so because it hydrates and cleans your skin. This kind of cleanser is composed of flower seed oil and ceramide fats so that while you are cleaning your face, it gets moisturized as well. In simple terms, it can be said that hydrating cleansers are the cleansers that hydrate your skin and keep it moist throughout the day.

Here’s How Hydrating Cleansers Help Dry Skin

The following are how hydrating cleansers can help soothe your dry skin:

1.   Provides Hydration

As the name suggests, hydration is the key priority of a hydrating cleanser. Offering the right amount of hydration is the whole point of using a good hydrating cleanser. With the help of this cleanser, the skin stays moisturized and keeps the dryness at bay.

2.   Keep The Dirt Away

With this cleanser, the moisture in your skin is maintained and simultaneously helps in removing the dirt from the skin. As a result of all this, you get skin free of dirt.

3.   Prevents Acne

The accumulation of minute dirt particles from the surrounding skin leads to the formation of stubborn acne. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your skin moist and clean. For this, you need a hydrating cleanser that will cater to these needs, and you will have to deal with minimum to no skin issues.

4.   Contains Sandalwood

Sandalwood is naturally known to be a strong ingredient that encourages clear skin as it comes with its natural astringent. Using a hydrating cleanser from Shankara India will help eliminate all the impurities with hardly any irritation. When you use such a hydrating cleanser, you get silky and moist skin.

5.   Contains Hyaluronic Acid

This is one of the many key ingredients of the hydrating cleanser. With hyaluronic acid, the natural moisture of your skin will be retained and maintained.

6.   Remove Dead Skin Cells

Sometimes, because of the dead skin cells, the natural glow of your skin tends to get masked. For this, it is necessary to remove those dead skin cells, and this is where hydrating cleaners come into play. With the continuous use of these cleansers, you will get the natural evergreen glow.

How To Use a Hydrating Cleanser?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to wash your face with a hydrating cleanser gently:

  • With either warm or cold water, wash your face.
  • Take the foaming hydrating cleanser from Shankara India and gently massage it in a circular motion on your face
  • Finish off by rinsing your face with either lukewarm or cold water.

Ending Note!

Hence, this was all there was to know about how you can soothe your dry skin with hydrating moisture. While you shop for a hydrating cleanser, you must have a thorough look at its ingredients. Search for components like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, ceramides, sandalwood, and chamomile. When you have dry skin, it is in constant need of moisture and this can be achieved by picking the right hydrating cleansers.

Hence, you must ensure that the cleanser that you are opting for focuses on preserving and improving the moisture level of your skin. Once you have got the right cleanser, apply it regularly, at least twice a day, to achieve the desired results.


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