Hyundai Kona Jayde Concept: The Future of Urban Crossovers?

The Hyundai Kona is a standout contender in the North American subcompact crossover segment. It distinguishes itself with a diverse range of drivetrain options, including gasoline, plug-in electric hybrids, and full-battery electric vehicles. The Kona is effectively reshaping the expectations for how vehicles in this market segment should be offered.


In line with this innovative spirit, Hyundai made a significant presence at the 2023 SEMA Show to introduce the Kona Jayde Concept. This concept takes the familiar second-generation Kona form factor that is already well-received and elevates it to a new level of uniqueness and desirability.

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The Kona Jayde Concept is a vehicle that caters to young urbanites seeking both an adventurous spirit and a taste for superior build quality and modern styling. Hyundai has targeted this concept at a specific audience – urban-centric, adventure-seeking young professionals. The vehicle’s striking appearance, highlighted by its bold light green paint, one-piece HRE 520M wheels, and prominent Thule Pulse Alpine cargo box on the roof, is sure to capture attention.

This concept is versatile, serving as both a mode of transportation for your daily office commute and a means to escape to remote woodland bike trails miles away from the bustling city center. Equipped with Michelin Power Gravel tires, the Kona Jayde offers the potential to explore off-road trails, provided they are wide enough. The vehicle’s aesthetics are so captivating that it feels like a necessary addition to America’s premier custom vehicle shows.

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The Kona Jayde’s exterior is just a glimpse of the wonders inside. The Recaro Sportster bucket seats, featuring a tasteful flannel pattern, offer both style and comfort. Elements like doorstep plates, carpeted floor mats, and the reversible cargo tray are thoughtfully designed to complete the interior’s aesthetic. The vehicle incorporates technology seamlessly, with accessories like a 200 DC-to-AC charging adapter catering to tech-savvy individuals, including those in Silicon Valley.

The Kona Jayde Concept owes its remarkable appearance to Hyundai’s collaboration with Mobis, their official parts and accessories provider. If production-level Konas can match this level of appeal, it has the potential to significantly elevate public interest in the design. The concept is set to make its debut at SEMA on Halloween, October 31st, and the promotional images alone are enough to ignite excitement. The inclusion of a matching e-bike from Vintage Electric Bikes is the perfect finishing touch to an already impressive package.

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