Isla Atkinson- Famous Daughter Of Rowan Atkinson

If you grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s, chances are you’re familiar with Mr. Bean, the iconic British comedic character brought to life by Rowan Atkinson on screen. Mr. Bean enjoyed widespread acclaim and garnered large audiences during its five-year run, also earning numerous international awards.

Rowan Atkinson, a retired actor, is the father of three children. Ben and Lily are from his marriage to Sunetra Sastry, a makeup artist he met on the set of Blackadder. The couple had two children before parting ways. In 2017, Rowan welcomed his third child, Isla, with his girlfriend Louise Ford, whom he has been in a relationship with since 2013.

Who Is Isla Atkinson?

Isla Atkinson, born in the United Kingdom in 2017, is now 6 years old, hailing from English descent. Although her precise birth date and place remain undisclosed, her parents are known.

Her father, Rowan Atkinson, is a renowned actor, comedian, and writer, while her mother, Louise Ford, is an actress and comedian. Isla is the only child of her parents, but she has two step-siblings, Benjamin and Lily, along with a stepmother named Sunetra Sastry.

As for Isla’s educational background, details are currently unavailable. At her young age, it is unclear whether she is attending any educational institution. Like most children her age, Isla, now six years old, enjoys playtime over studies. Further information about Atkinson’s extended family members is yet to be disclosed.

Isla Atkinson’s Parents’ Career

Isla Atkinson, being at a tender age, is far from embarking on a professional career. Thanks to the financial stability provided by her parents, she undoubtedly enjoys a comfortable childhood. Although her background and lineage suggest the potential for a successful future career, Isla is currently content with the joys of childhood.

Her father, Rowan Atkinson, achieved fame through his roles in iconic comedies such as Blackadder and Mr. Bean. He first gained recognition on the BBC sketch comedy series Not the Nine O’Clock News. In 1981, he was honored with a BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance for his work in The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

Rowan’s diverse repertoire includes notable roles in Never Say Never Again, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Lion King, Love Actually, The Thin Blue Line, and the acclaimed West End production of Oliver!

Isla Atkinson’s mother, also a comedian and actor, has made her mark in various television comedies such as Crashing, The Windsors, and Horrible Histories.

Isla Atkinson’s Net Worth

Isla Atkinson does not have a current earnings net worth. Her father, on the other hand, is estimated to be worth $150 million as of March 2024.

Lily Sastry- Isla Atkinson’s Step Sister

Lily Sastry, previously known as Lily Atkinson, has carved a path as a singer and burlesque dancer, thriving as a solo performer. Her journey in the entertainment industry began at a young age, starring in the 2004 children’s film Tooth, a heartwarming tale about a young Tooth Fairy struggling with her lost spell-casting abilities—a film that combines the spirit of Christmas with family-friendly charm.

Lily also graced the screen in her father’s films, “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and “Johnny English Reborn.” However, she decided to venture into the world of cabaret instead of pursuing an acting career. Her passion for the art led her to study cabaret, culminating in her debut major cabaret show at The Pheasantry, a renowned London dinner club.

Her one-woman West End cabaret show, “Lily,” featuring a live band, mesmerized audiences over two unforgettable nights in 2016, showcasing her talent and dedication to the craft.

Why Did Lily Sastry Change Her Surname?

After her parents’ divorce in 2014, Lily opted to change her surname from her father’s to her mother’s. The reason for this decision remains undisclosed, though it coincided with her father’s announcement in 2017 about expecting his third child with a woman 30 years younger than him.

Despite the changes, Lily displayed no signs of animosity towards her father, as evidenced by her attendance alongside him at the premiere of his film “Johnny English Strikes Again” last year.


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