James Robert Plemons- All About Kirsten Caroline Dunst & Jesse Lon Plemons Son

James Robert Plemons gained attention as the son of Jesse Lon Plemons, an American actor, and Kirsten Caroline Dunst, an American actress, model, and singer. Despite being just one year old, the couple’s child has already become a subject of media interest.

James Robert Plemons’s Birthday

The celebrity son, James, is just one year old, born in 2021. While his birthday falls in early May, the exact date has not been disclosed. James was born into an American family with a Caucasian ethnic background.

His parents are keen on maintaining privacy and avoiding media intrusion into their children’s lives at this stage. As a result, they have not shared any images of their son.

James Robert Plemons’ Parents Are Both Celebrities

James’ parents, Kirsten and Jesse, are both notable figures in the media industry. The couple met while working on the set of Fargo in 2016 and began dating a year later in 2017.

Interestingly, Jesse’s grandfather appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial at the tender age of three and a half. Jesse followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, auditioning for various roles and eventually landing parts in films like Varsity Blues (1999) and All the Pretty Horses (2000).

His breakthrough role came with the film Children on Their Birthdays, after which he starred in popular series such as Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, and Fargo.

James Robert Plemons Has An Elder Brother

As mentioned earlier, Plemons is the second child of his parents. His older brother, Ennis Howard Plemons, was born on May 3, 2018. The couple was thrilled to welcome their first child, and it was 15 months after his birth that Plemons made his debut in the media.

With the Plemons brothers being just three years apart in age, they are likely to become close friends as they grow up. Additionally, they are growing up in a nurturing environment.

James Robert’s Parents Are Not Married

Yes, you read that correctly. The couple has not married yet. Despite having two children in succession, they have not set a wedding date. Nonetheless, Plemons and Dunst are committed to each other.

Reportedly, Kirsten was wearing a ring when she attended the Golden Globe Awards in January 2017.

However, the parents of two are not quite ready to walk down the aisle just yet. In an interview, the actor and actress stated that they are “not in a hurry” to exchange vows.

James Robert Plemons Is Living A Lavis Lifestyle

With both of his parents being prominent figures in Hollywood, with millions of dollars in their bank accounts, the young star kid is undoubtedly living a luxurious life.

As of January 2024, James’ father, Jesse Plemons, has a net worth of $15 million, while his mother, Kirsten Dunst, has a net worth of $25 million.


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