Mahindra Scorpio N Proves its Mettle: Driven from Delhi to London

The distinguished Indian vlogger has triumphantly reached London, UK from New Delhi, India, embarking on this extraordinary expedition in his Mahindra Scorpio N. Accompanied by a friend, this journey presents a captivating blend of excitement and challenges, traversing diverse continents. As per the initial itinerary, the expedition is slated to span around four months, prompting them to meticulously pack essential provisions to ensure comfort, even during overnight halts on the road. In his latest vlog, he intricately chronicles the remarkable achievement of arriving in the UK.

Mahindra Scorpio N Reaches London from India

This captivating vlog hails from Indian Backpacker on YouTube, the adept vlogger who has meticulously documented his entire odyssey right from the inception of his trip planning. The journey narrative encompasses diverse facets, including SUV preparation, document completion, acquiring visas and permissions for both the vehicle and themselves, and all the intricacies in between. Over the recent weeks, he has adeptly unveiled his escapades across each visited country. Presently, he finds himself in Paris, France, from where his trajectory will lead him to the coast, culminating in a remarkable train journey through the celebrated English Channel to reach the UK.

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Interestingly, a distinctive choice emerges as he opts for a train over a ferry. This remarkable train transports vehicles through an underwater tunnel—an experience the vlogger vividly captures in the video. Equally noteworthy is the astonishing fact that he maintained phone reception and internet connectivity even while submerged, a testament to modern technology’s marvels. As the journey progresses, he steers the Scorpio N along the UK highway toward London. However, an intriguing twist unveils as they decide to bypass London, embarking on an extended road expedition spanning 20-25 days. During this period, their itinerary includes traversing Scotland and Ireland, culminating in their extraordinary voyage back to London.

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What We Think

We genuinely applaud the unwavering commitment that has miraculously transformed what appeared as an insurmountable dream into a tangible reality. Only a handful of individuals have embarked on the ambitious feat of driving a car all the way from India to the UK. Elevating the intrigue, the YouTuber opted to meticulously document every facet of this extraordinary journey through captivating vlogs on YouTube. These visual chronicles serve as an invaluable guide for those intrigued by the intricate procedures involved in undertaking such an adventure. Furthermore, they offer an unparalleled window into the diverse lives and cultures of foreign nations. With heartfelt wishes, we extend our enthusiasm for their ongoing voyage, eagerly anticipating forthcoming updates on the remaining chapters of their remarkable expedition.

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