Matter of Space – Transforming Gurgaon’s Design, Style & Luxury

With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of luxury living, the dynamic team of interior designers at Matter of Space is pushing boundaries, challenging traditions, and redefining the residential, commercial & hospitality spaces.

Matter of Space injects sophistication, aesthetics, and luxury into every project that will leave you spellbound.

Expertise Across Domain

Listed as one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, Matter of Space is transforming spaces for the good:

Residential Design

Their knowledge in designing residential spaces is based on creating aesthetically pleasing but harmonious living spaces. Their top interior designers know that a house is a haven where life evolves and memories are made, not just four walls.

They carefully consider every detail, from the layout of the rooms to the choice of materials and finishes, to ensure that every residential project complements its occupants’ individual characteristics and way of life. Whether it’s a large estate or a little flat in the city, their interior designers create extraordinary living spaces that improve the art of home design.

Commercial Design

Matter of Space masters designing business environments that accentuate creativity, productivity, and brand identity. They are skilled at creating settings that inspire and enable smooth operations because they understand the subtleties of striking a balance between design and function. 

The best part of their core design team of professionals is they navigate the complex requirements of every project, from corporate offices to retail spaces, painstakingly integrating cutting-edge technology, environmental practices, and creative design solutions. The end product is a seamless and engaging experience that improves the business environment and has a lasting impact on customers and staff.


You can expect a perfect combination of elegance, comfort, and outstanding service at Matter of Space, precisely what a hospitality business wants. Their top interior designers are skilled enough to design spaces that speak luxury & leisure.

MOS has designed a number of hotels, eateries & resorts that speak luxury. Their uncompromising dedication to delivering comfort, luxury & excellence makes them stand out from their industry competitors.

Within some years of their service, Matter of Space has become a prominent name in the design industry. Thanks to our diverse knowledge, they push limits, defy expectations, and reinvent the very definition of luxury and elegance in Gurgaon and beyond.

The Hallmarks of Luxury

Matter of Space does not compromise on premium design elements. Let’s examine the distinguishing features of their extraordinary methodology:

High-quality Materials and Finishes

Imagine stroking your fingertips over surfaces embellished with the best materials, such as granite, marble, artisanal wood, and more. Only the most beautiful finishes are chosen by Matter of Space, so every square inch of your room will radiate exclusivity and refinement.

Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship

Their designers are aware that attention to detail is what defines real luxury. They create places that are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful by carefully considering every detail, from delicate moldings to custom-made fixtures, with an unrelenting devotion to artistry.

Creating Timeless and Elegant Spaces

Enter a Matter of Space creation, and an environment beyond fads and trends will surround you. Their designs are based on ageless elegance and combine modern flare with traditional elements to create rooms that will never cease to astound.

Incorporating Cutting-edge Technology and Amenities

Matter of Space embraces luxury while acknowledging the value of contemporary ease. Modern home automation systems and luxurious bathrooms that resemble spas are just two examples of how they skillfully incorporate the newest features and technology to enhance your living or working environment.

Matter of Space is reinventing the art of luxury design in Gurgaon with an uncompromising dedication to perfection and an eye for the unusual. They create environments that are not simply aesthetically pleasing but transformational.

Their Process of Transforming Spaces

This is how Matter of Space is transforming spaces in Gurgaon:

Initial Consultation

Matter of Space believes in kicking off things with a warm chat where you can share your vision.

Concept Development

After understanding your vision, their designers start on your project and design concepts that bring your ideas to life in stunning, imaginative ways.

Design Refinement

With proper feedback & sitting, the Matter of Space tweaks and polishes the design until it’s a perfect reflection of your unique style.

Project Management

Known as a luxury interior designer in Gurgaon, our dedicated team takes the project & designs each phase with utmost precision and care.

Installation & Finishing Touches

After getting everything done, the professional at Matter of Space installs everything and adds final touches that elevate your space from beautiful to breathtaking.

Wrapping Up

Matter of Space is not just another ordinary interior design company in Gurgaon; they take projects & deliver them with their heart and soul. If you also want to revamp your home, office, or store, visit & schedule your free consultation.


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