Neatcell Reviews: Good Tattoo Removal Pen?

As a college student who loves expressing myself through body art, I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos. However, there’s always that one tattoo that doesn’t turn out as planned or loses its significance over time. That’s where the NEATCELL Picosecond Laser Pen comes into play. 

After hearing so much about its ability to fade tattoos, I decided to give it a try, hoping to lighten a small, regrettable tattoo I got on a whim during my freshman year. 

To my surprise, the results were impressive. Not only did the tattoo visibly fade after a few sessions, but the process was also straightforward and something I could manage from the comfort of my dorm room. This experience has not only been a game changer in how I view tattoo removal but also a relief, knowing I have a cost-effective and convenient option right at my fingertips.

Let me share the details with you below.

What is Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen?

The Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen is a device designed for home use, offering a solution for removing tattoos, acne scars, age spots, freckles, and wrinkles. It utilizes picosecond technology, which emits ultra-short laser pulses to break down pigments in the skin. These pulses create a photoacoustic effect that shatters the pigment particles without causing significant damage to the surrounding tissue.

How Does It Work?

The Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen works by delivering short pulses of energy, each lasting only a few picoseconds (one trillionth of a second). This rapid delivery targets the pigment in the skin, such as tattoo ink or melanin, breaking it into smaller particles that the body can then remove naturally. 

The device is available in two versions: one with a 755nm wavelength targeting darker pigments and another with a 532nm wavelength for lighter colors. Additionally, the laser stimulates collagen production, which can improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The Pros and Cons of Neatcell


  • Effectiveness: The Neatcell Pen can effectively treat a variety of skin concerns, including tattoos, pigmentation, and wrinkles, with many users reporting positive results.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to professional laser treatments, the Neatcell Pen is more affordable, making it accessible for home use.
  • Convenience: It allows users to perform treatments at home, saving time and trips to professional clinics.


  • Variability in Results: Effectiveness can vary based on individual factors such as skin type and color of the tattoo or pigmentation.
  • Potential for Side Effects: Some users have reported side effects such as redness, swelling, and even blisters. Incorrect use can lead to skin damage.
  • Safety Concerns: There are concerns about the actual classification of the device as a laser and its safety, particularly regarding the adequacy of the included safety glasses and the potential for eye damage.

How to Use Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen

  1. Preparation: Clean the skin area where the pen will be used. Ensure the skin is free of any products or makeup.
  2. Setting Up: Connect the device to the power supply and turn it on. Start with the lowest intensity and frequency settings, especially if you are new to using the device.
  3. Application: Hold the pen against or close to the skin without pressing too hard. For the blue laser, limit the application to no more than 2 seconds per point to avoid damaging the skin.
  4. Post-Treatment Care: After treatment, apply a healing ointment or serum to the treated area to help soothe and repair the skin. Avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight, and always wear the protective glasses provided during use to protect your eyes.

Is Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen Legit?

Yes, it’s legit. The use of picosecond laser technology, which is a legitimate and modern approach in dermatological treatments, lends a scientific basis to the product. The technology is known for its ability to break down pigment particles effectively with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Compared to professional laser treatments, which can be prohibitively expensive, the NEATCELL Pen offers a more affordable and accessible option. 

Also, many users have reported satisfactory results after using the NEATCELL Picosecond Laser Pen, noting improvements in the appearance of tattoos, pigmentation, and other skin blemishes.”

Where to Buy NEATCELL Picosecond Laser Pen?

I bought my NEATCELL Picosecond Laser Pen from the official store to avoid fake products. I also want to make sure that I get the best deal with good quality.

It’s currently offering a discount. So, you might want to go and have a look before the price rises again.


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