New Ways to Hire Hospitality Workers

Whether you are new to the hospitality industry or not, you probably already know that it’s challenging when it comes to retaining top talent. The high turnover rates make discovering and retaining top-tier talent a crucial success factor in this industry.

While countermeasures such as improving the work environment will reduce the turnover rate, implementing effective ways for hiring will be the foundation of your solutions. Here’s how you do that:

1. Leverage the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media

Word of mouth and social media are powerful tools when it comes to hiring in any industry, but especially in the hospitality industry. A thriving work environment will attract top-performing candidates, with the current employees serving as great advocates.

Motivate your staff to be brand champions and ask them to share any positive experiences and great reasons for loving their work on social media platforms. While at it, however, promote honesty and transparency, because social media can be a double-edged sword.

Also, incentivize your staff with fun treats so they become motivated to promote your business while keeping it real.

2. Use Flexible Platforms and Apps

Yes, traditional staffing options work, but companies can’t afford to confine themselves to these solutions. In a modern world filled with uncertainties, workers are opting for more flexible arrangements. Luckily, there is a wide assortment of platforms that offer a pool of hospitality workers in different categories, from food & beverages to stadium events.

The best way to boost your success rates would be to find hospitality workers with the shiftNOW gig app, considering it offers a good quantity of high-quality candidates. The most important factors to consider when looking for an ideal app or platform are reliability, convenience, ease of use, and quality of service.

3. Create a Viral Video Ad

Rather than have to pay for conventional advertisement solutions, it would make sense to make a creative recruitment ad and share it on Facebook or Instagram. With more than 3 billion active users worldwide every month, that’s a great reach that will still have positive results, even if not in line with recruitment.

A well-designed recruitment ad can be a good way to increase brand awareness and likability, and can even draw new customers to your business.

4. Use Recruitment Cards

This one works best if your current employees have a great attitude. All you have to do is print out attractive business cards with the name of the business, contact details, and the words “Now Hiring!” on them. Request your employees to keep these cards with them and hand them out whenever they meet a great hospitality worker, even those who are currently working.

As long as your employees make the right impression when giving out these cards, you will be surprised at how well this method will work to attract high-quality candidates for your business.

5. Collaborate With Educational Institutions

Depending on the nature of your business, it may be a good idea to hire candidates who are fresh from universities, vocational schools, and colleges that offer hospitality programs. Offer to identify, nurture, and then absorb the most motivated and skilled candidates in these institutions.

With such an approach, the students who join your workplace and love the environment and culture will be more motivated to remain with you longer.

There You Have It!

The 5 strategies listed in this guide should be a good place to start when looking for reliable hospitality workers. By making the best use of these techniques, you will be better placed to streamline your hiring process and stand out from the competition.

As you refine your recruitment style, make sure to invest in the growth of your current employees and set a foundation for long-term success by creating a culture of creativity, excellence, and camaraderie.


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