Ola S1X vs Ola S1X Plus: Which One is Right for You?

Ola is a renowned electric two-wheeler manufacturer in the Indian market, and it has held a dominant position in electric two-wheeler sales for an extended period.

However, Ola has encountered some challenges in attracting their target audience and marketing their electric scooters, primarily due to the increasing competition in the industry and the basic build quality of their earlier electric scooter models.

In response to these challenges, Ola has introduced two new models, the Ola S1X and Ola S1X Plus, which feature enhanced build quality and an array of improved features. These changes come after extensive modifications to their previous electric scooter models.

While the Ola S1X and Ola S1X Plus may seem quite similar at first glance, there are indeed several distinctions between the two models. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of their variations and commonalities, helping you determine which one is the optimal choice for your purchase.

Ola S1X vs Ola S1X Plus
Ola S1X vs Ola S1X Plus

Design and Looks

Both the Ola S1X and Ola S1X+ share a similar sleek body design, characterized by a lightweight appearance and a comfortable seat height.

The front LED lighting on both the Ola S1X and S1X+ is compact yet remarkably powerful, complementing the scooter’s overall streamlined look. Additionally, both models feature segmented displays on the front, with the Ola S1X equipped with a 3.5-inch display and the S1X+ featuring a larger 5-inch display.

One notable improvement in the Ola S1X and Ola S1X+ is the redesigned frame, which significantly reduces weight compared to their predecessors while enhancing the rear structure for improved durability.


Dimention Ola S1 X Ola S1 X+
Length 1860 mm 1860 mm
Width 850 mm 850 mm
Height 1298 mm 1298 mm
Wheelbase 1359 mm 1359 mm
Seat height 805 mm 805 mm

The Ola S1X and Ola S1X+ share identical dimensions, further contributing to their similar appearances. These shared dimensions also enhance the electric scooter’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Color Options

Ola S1 X Red Velocity, Midnight, Funk, Stellar, Vogue, Porcelain White, Liquid Silver
Ola S1 X+ Red Velocity, Midnight, Funk, Stellar, Vogue, Porcelain White, Liquid Silver

Both the Ola S1X and S1X+ provide a choice of seven distinct multi-tone colors, allowing customers to select either a glossy or matte exterior finish for their electric scooter. This wide range of color options has been intentionally included by the manufacturers to cater to a diverse audience and personal preferences.


The Ola S1X model is available with two distinct battery packs, with the 3-kWh battery pack priced at an additional 10,000 rupees compared to the 2-kWh battery pack. These initial prices for the three electric scooters are subject to various additional costs and taxes, and they may vary between states due to differences in tax structures.

Here are the initial prices for the Ola S1X variants:

  • Ola S1X (2 kWh) – INR 89,999/-
  • Ola S1X (3 kWh) – INR 99,999/-
  • Ola S1X Plus – INR 1,09,999/-


Specs Ola S1 X 2 kWh Ola S1 X 3 kWh Ola S1 X+
Range 91 km 151km 151 km
Top speed 85 km/h 90 km/h 90 km/h
Battery 2 kWh 3 kWh 2 kWh
Acceleration (0-40 km/h) 4.1 seconds  3.3 seconds 3.3 seconds
Acceleration (0-60 km/h) 8.1 seconds 5.5 seconds 5.5 seconds
Home charging time 7.4 hr 7.4 hr 7.4 hr
Peak power 6 kW 6 kW 6 kW
Motor type Hub motor Hub motor Hub motor
Drive modes Eco, Normal & Sports Eco, Normal & Sports Eco, Normal & Sports
Brakes Drum Drum Drum
Front Suspension Twin telescopic Twin telescopic Twin telescopic
Rear Suspension Dual shock Dual shock Dual shock

Both the Ola S1X and Ola S1X+ are built upon the Ola Gen 2 platform, specifically designed to enhance performance and reduce costs. Addressing a significant concern with Ola’s previous electric scooters, particular attention was given to battery safety. This resulted in a lighter battery achieved by eliminating excess plastic and screws.

Several key components of the electric scooters have undergone significant modifications within the Gen 2 platform. Ola has made adjustments such as the removal of AC cables, architectural redesign, and an increase in peak motor power. These changes collectively improve component coordination within the Gen 2 platform, enhancing the overall riding experience while also streamlining the components to make the scooters more cost-effective.

Digital Features

Features Ola S1 X  Ola S1 X+
Side stand alert Yes Yes
Reverse mode Yes Yes
OTA updates No Yes
Music No No
Remote unlock No Yes
Cruise control No Yes
Navigation No Yes
Predictive maintenance No Yes

Here are the specific features and services offered by Ola:

  1. Cruise Control: This feature allows the scooter to maintain a constant speed without needing constant acceleration, reducing driver fatigue during long rides.
  2. Navigation: The scooter is equipped with maps and GPS technology to assist riders in finding their way to remote locations.
  3. OTA Updates: Over-the-air updates provide access to regular operating system upgrades for the scooter’s dashboard.
  4. Predictive Maintenance: This data-driven maintenance approach assesses equipment conditions and determines when repairs or maintenance should be performed proactively.

The main distinctions between the Ola S1X and Ola S1X+ lie in their features. The Ola S1X introduces a physical key, while the Ola S1X+ offers the option of unlocking the scooter using digital keys.

One notable difference is the presence of smart connectivity, a common feature in modern electric scooters. This feature is absent in the Ola S1X, regardless of the battery type chosen. In contrast, the Ola S1X+ includes smart connectivity.

There are also common features shared by both the Ola S1X and Ola S1X+, including a traditional LED display (instead of a digital one), a side stand sensor, and a reverse mode.


The key difference between the Ola S1X+ and Ola S1X lies in their features. Additionally, the Ola S1X+ is slightly more expensive. If you prioritize important driving assistance features and connectivity, opting for the Ola S1X+ is the recommended choice.

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