Sabrina Jackson Became A Mom At The Age Of 15

Sabrina Jackson was the mother of 50 Cent, the American rapper, musician, actor, entrepreneur, and television producer. Prior to her tragic death, she was engaged in drug dealing and held a prominent position as one of Queens’ most renowned cocaine dealers.

Quick Facts

Full NameSabrina Jackson
First NameSabrina
Last NameJackson
Date of Birth1960
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationBisexual
No Of Children1

At the age of 15, She became a mother.

Born in 1960, she became a mother at the age of 15, welcoming her first child, Curtis James Jackson III, widely known as 50 Cent. Being a young mother and feeling unequipped to raise her child, she turned to drug dealing as a means of providing for her only child.

Her choice stemmed from the desire to offer everything for her kid, as there were no available adolescent programs to assist teen moms at the time. Information regarding the father of the child remains undisclosed, and 50 Cent has also maintained silence on the subject of his father.


In an interview, Cent mentioned that his mother was quite assertive and leaned towards relationships with women rather than men.

She was a resilient woman who fearlessly navigated interactions with men in the past. Sabrina also had a female friend with whom she shared significant time. It’s worth noting that she had never been married.

Died at the age of 23

She met a tragic end in 1983 at the age of 23, becoming a victim of the drug war. Her death was both sorrowful and mysterious. At the time, Cent was merely eight years old. In an interview, he shared details about his mother’s demise, revealing that someone had tampered with her drink and turned on the gas. It was a dark day that marked the farewell to his beloved mother.

On that fateful day, he lost his sole guardian, an event that left him heartbroken. Following her passing, his young life became quite challenging. Raised by his grandmother, one of his mother’s nine siblings, Cent deeply appreciates the significant role his grandmother played in his life, despite her no longer being alive.

Concerning son

Her son was born on July 6, 1975, in Queens, New York City, USA. He gained prominence with the release of his debut track, ‘How to Rob.’ Engaging in drug dealings since the age of 12, he used to bring guns and drug money to school. With several well-known tracks already published, he has made a significant impact on the hip-hop industry.

As of now, he remains unmarried. While he has been in relationships with several wonderful women, he has not tied the knot with anyone. Cent has kept details about his potential wedding plans private. He is the father of two children, each from different women. His first child is named Marquise Jackson, who is currently 24 years old. His second child, Sire Jackson, is eight years old.

Net worth

As of January 2024, Sabrina Jackson’s son has a net worth of $30 million, although it has seen a decline in recent years. He generates income through various channels, including music sales, marketing, television appearances, concerts, and other ventures.

His portfolio includes roles in television episodes and films such as ‘Last Vegas,’ ‘Escape Plan,’ and ‘The Finder.’ Having already released five studio albums, he is currently working on his sixth. Additionally, 50 Cent maintains an active social media presence, boasting a substantial fan base with 26.2 million followers on his Instagram account.


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