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Significance of Perfect Time & Date for Marriage Rituals

Often, people have questions about whether marriages are destined or not. What is the need for muhurat? The answer is that even if you get married to your destined partner, the part about aligning your lives will happen only during an auspicious moment. Muhurat isn’t just a tradition; it is a way of invoking cosmic blessings for a harmonious start.

In many cultures, the timing of significant life events, such as weddings, is believed to influence the course and outcome of the event itself. Astrological considerations play a crucial role in determining the auspicious time for a marriage. To get the correct knowledge, you must opt for a free talk  astrologer free .  

Various factors, such as the position of the celestial bodies and planetary alignment, are taken into account while selecting a muhurat. This is done to increase compatibility, ensure prosperity, and ward off potential obstacles or negative influences. Right marriage muhurat fills the ceremony with spiritual vibes and sets the stage for a blissful married life.

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Each individual has their own zodiac, and each zodiac sign carries a particular energy frequency. So, when two people get married, their energy will also interconnect with each other and create certain results. Kundali matching is important; however, deciding on a particular muhurat is important too. During muhurat selection, it is checked if, during a particular time, the stars of the bride and groom are aligning in a favorable way.

Beginning the marriage on an auspicious muhurat brings the couple long life, good children, their parents’ well-being, and much more. A good muharta is the foundation of a good marriage, so opt for a Suvich-free talk to an astrologer to get a good muhurat.

Most of the time, astrologers look for the placements of the Shubh Graha (beneficial planets) on the days of marriage. These planets are Jupiter, Venus, the waxing moon, and Mercury. This is the reason why a number of people avoid getting married on Tuesdays (malefic presence of Mars) and on Saturdays (malefic presence of Saturday). When judging a muhurat, astrology takes into account the combinations of a weekday, ascendant, and nakshatra. The auspicious nakshatra muhurat is ideal for a marriage. A chat with astrologer online will help you get the correct guidance.

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To achieve the desired muhurat, the ascendant must be purified. As a result, when judging muhurat, the ascendant’s status must be considered. When a person’s navamsha is also auspicious, he or she receives double benefits. To obtain a good muhurat, a person’s kundli should have no planets in the eighth house and an auspicious planet as the ascendant. If there is no such placement, then the position of the auspicious planet in the Trikha and Kendra houses will prove beneficial.

Marriages are made in heaven, but unless and until the stars are not favorable, your marriage cannot happen. Even though you are destined to get married to this person in this life, if planets are not creating an auspicious combination for marriage in your chart, then even if you try a lot, you won’t get married. Marriage is the unification of the destiny of two people, and for this, certain circumstances must play an important role. If your parents have been desperately trying to get you married for years and yet you are not finding a suitable match, there is some horoscope problem. So what is the problem?

The problem is that through transit and mahadasha, there has to be a favorable time and favorable position of the planets, which will create a yoga for marriage in your life. If that doesn’t happen, no matter how hard and what efforts you put in to get married, it cannot be fruitful, so marriage is basically seen from the seventh house of your horoscope. Talk to an astrologer for free and get proper remedies.

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The seventh house of your horoscope controls your life partner and the situation of your marriage. This includes who will be your life partner, how your relationship with your life partner will be, etc. Alongside, it also controls how fruitful your marriage will become when it is the right time to get married. All these things can be calculated by analyzing the seventh house. Talk to an astrologer for free for a perfect analysis.

The Lord of the Seventh House is a very important planet because this planet controls the energy of the Seventh House. So if the lord of the seventh house is coming to the seventh house through transit, then you get favorable circumstances. For instance, if you have Libra in your seventh house and Venus is coming to Libra or Venus is transiting through Libra during this period, then it favors the chances of your marriage.  A free astro chat helps to make the right decision.

Similarly, Jupiter is the sign of a happy married life, so in your horoscope through transit, if Jupiter is transiting through your seventh house, then this also creates a specific yoga for you to get married. Also, the mahadasha system is very important to calculate the right time to get married. It doesn’t matter which planet’s mahadasha is running, but during the mahadasha of any planet, the antar dasha of the lord of the seventh house creates chances of getting married.

For instance, if you’re running under the Jupiter mahadasha and your seventh house is a Gemini sign controlled by Mercury, during the mahadasha of Jupiter and the antar dasha of Mercury, your chances of getting married are increased because the seventh house is  active during the antar dasha of Mercury.  

Here, the seventh house is getting active, because of which your chances of getting married are increased. In the same manner, there is a concept called arudha lagna that is the reflection of your lagna, so if Venus or Jupiter is transiting through the seventh house from your arudha lagna, this also creates a combination for you to get married.


The foundation of your marriage is a good muhurat. This date and time are important to attain a good married life. This timing aligns the stars of the bride and groom and sets the stage for a happy married life. A good astrologer can help you find an auspicious muhurat for your marriage. At Suvich, you can talk to an astrologer for free for the best remedies to know all marriage ritual details.


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