How To Determine The Right Dumpster Size For Your Project

Size Matters: How To Determine The Right Dumpster Size For Your Project

Selecting the proper dumpster size for your project is vital in Denver. Whether you are carrying out a remodeling task in your home, cleaning out part of your garage, or directing construction on a site, the correct size will help you avoid incurring additional costs and ensure that the project moves on swimmingly.

You may have to pay overflow and related extra fees with an overfilled small dumpster, while one that is too large would simply consume more space and add to the cost without any real benefit. So, selecting the perfect dumpster size is an important key to managing waste effectively.

This guide will help you go through different sizes, important things to consider, and give tips to make the most out of renting a dumpster.

A Closer Look at the Available Denver Dumpster Sizes

A visit to a roll off dumpster rental Denver company would be able to show you a number of things, and this includes dumpster sizes. Dumpster rentals in Denver come in cubic yard measurements, and the smallest usually starts at 10 cubic yards, which can be useful for minor home renovation tasks or a garage cleanup.

A 20-yard dumpster is medium-sized—ideal for bigger renovations and major home cleanout projects. Large dumpsters of 30 to 40 cubic yards can be availed of for commercial sites or major construction projects. These would be huge enough to deal with the high volume coming from building materials and big furniture pieces.

Hints for Picking your Dumpster Size

Some of the major factors in deciding on the size of the dumpster include project size. Of course, if your building is being renovated or there is large-scale landscaping being done, a lot more waste will be produced than would be in a smaller project, such as replacing a bathroom vanity or cleaning out a basement.

A roll off dumpster rental Denver also plays into the type of material you plan to dispose of. Simply put, if the material is heavy—maybe concrete, bricks, or dirt—then you will need a heavier-duty dumpster with a higher weight limit, even if the volume of waste is not particularly high. You should always estimate your debris for the proper weight and material type before making a decision on a dumpster size.

Finally, contemplate the space available to place the dumpster. Large dumpsters also require large spaces, and not only its placement—even larger spaces are needed to allow for clearance during dropping off and picking up. Ensure your property or project area has plenty of room for the size of the dumpster you will choose.

Effective Ways to Utilize Your Roll Off Dumpster Rental Denver

After you’ve chosen the right size of roll off dumpster for your project, it is most important to use it to full capacity. Here are a few hints on how to use your dumpster to its full capacity:

a. Plan the Disposal of Your Garbage: Plan what you are going to load into the dumpster before you start throwing items into it. Place the heavy ones at the bottom and the light bulky stuff at the top. 

b. Disassemble when Possible: Dismantle furniture and other bulky waste. This can free up some extra space in your dumpster.

c. Avoid Overfilling: Be sure the level of refuse is kept well below the top of the dumpster. Overloading is dangerous—load can be spilled during transportation—and this is a common reason for extra charges.


The correct selection of the size of the dumpster to be used in your Denver project is very important in facilitating effective waste and cost management. Also, understanding the principles of using the dumpster effectively will leave you in a better position. With these in mind and with careful planning, you can manage large amounts of waste with minimal hassle.


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