Sol Xochitl- All About Mike Tyson’s Ex- Girlfriend

Sol Xochitl- All About Mike Tyson’s Ex- Girlfriend

Sol Xochitl is the former girlfriend of boxer Mike Tyson. During the 2000s, she and the Baddest Man On The Planet were in a relationship, during which they welcomed two children.

Sol Xochitl Is A Mexican

Xochitl was born in the winter of 1975/76 in Mexico, to Mexican parents, as indicated by her ex-boxer boyfriend on occasion. Beyond this, little information is available about Tyson’s ex-girlfriend, particularly regarding her life before encountering the legendary boxer. She remains one of the least-mentioned former associates of the celebrity.

At A Strip Club, Xochitl Met Mike Tyson

Tyson disclosed that he encountered Sol at a strip club in Phoenix, Arizona. Initially known as Shelley in his biography, Sol worked as a stripper when she crossed paths with the boxer.

Sol was deeply invested in fitness, surpassing even Mike in her dedication.

Mike reminisces about a particular occasion when he and his assistant Darryl were tossing around a fifteen-pound medicine ball, and Shelley decided to join in. Iron Mike recounts how they tossed the ball 250 times, and while he grew sore, Sol continued to throw it effortlessly with Darryl.

Mike was completely bankrupt when Xochitl dated him

While dating Tyson, Sol witnessed his financial struggles, as he was burdened with approximately $27 million in debt. Among this, $17 million was owed to the IRS and English tax authorities in back taxes, while the remaining $10 million comprised personal expenses such as payments to his ex-wife Monica from their divorce, mortgages, and hefty legal fees.

Tyson recounts feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the bankruptcy proceedings to the extent that he relinquished his house. Despite not having any fights planned, he maintained his workout routine and indulged in substance use.

During this period, he spent time with Sol in Phoenix. As reported by the New Yorker, Tyson and his then-girlfriend, Xochitl, resorted to eating Frosted Flakes and Twizzlers for dinner amidst their financial difficulties.

Sol Xochitl did everything she could to keep her daughter alive.

Sol and her former partner experienced a devastating loss on May 26, 2009, when their daughter, Exodus, passed away. The tragic incident occurred as their daughter was playing on a treadmill at their home in Arizona and became entangled in a cord.

Upon discovering Exodus unconscious, her brother Miguel alerted their mother, who was cleaning the house at the time. Sol promptly dialed 911 and took immediate action to try to save her daughter’s life. Documents later confirmed that Sol “did everything she could when this tragic accident occurred.”

Why did Xochitl vanish?

Following the tragic loss of her daughter, Xochitl’s name faded into obscurity. According to Mike’s book, “Undisputed Truth,” after the death of their daughter, Exodus, she struggled to care for their other child, Miguel.

While she undoubtedly continues to mourn the loss of her four-year-old daughter, the intensity of her pain may have lessened over time. Currently, Xochitl is simply another name once linked to a prominent figure but has since slipped into anonymity.


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