2023 Tata CURVV EV Price In India, Launch Date, Image, Colours, Specifications, and More Auto Facts

Tata CURVV EV: Do you want an affordable and trustworthy electric car? The best gauge of this is the Tata Curve. No one looking for a reliable car that won’t break the bank should look any farther than these models. Tata Curve are so versatile in style that you can wear them anywhere.

What do you think? Did I manage to stimulate your interest? In this article, you will get all the information you need to purchase this top-selling car. The latest sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Tata Motors, called the CURVV, comes equipped with many entertaining features. Its wide usable range is a major plus. It has a sleek, modern design and impressive functionality. Hygiene items, on the other hand, need to satisfy customers while also being safe and reliable.

Tata Motors, an Indian automaker, has introduced an all-electric sport utility vehicle (SUV). The official name for this electric SUV is the Tata CURVV. Tata Motors plans to release a number of new electric vehicles, including the long-range Nexon EV and the Altos EV. Buyers of the Tata Motors Curve SUV will be able to select from a variety of trim levels, as well as a choice between a gasoline and diesel engine. Learn more about the Tata CURVV EV, an electric vehicle produced by Tata Motors, including its features, pricing, and where to get one.

Tata CURVV 2023

The EV Concept is a preview of Tata’s next vehicle, a midsize coupe SUV that runs on electricity. Tata’s latest EV, the CURVV EV, is a refined take on the sloping Tata Sierra EV concept first off at Auto Expo 2023. New from Tata Motors is the all-electric CURVV EV. Tata Motors’ new all-electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) has been met with widespread appreciation. Tata Motors’ “Concept CURVV” electric SUV is a huge step forward.

When compared to other electric vehicles, the Tata CURVV EV distinguishes out. They bring in fresh sets of architects and interior designers to give their vehicles a new style. The new look was introduced to the public by Shailesh Chandra, the MD of Tata Motors. Its design’s unique benefits and ideas are a product of thoughtful integration. There will be more sales of EVs in India thanks to the innovative CURVV design.


Tata CURVV EV Details 2023

PRICE IN INDIA Rs. 15.00 – 20.00 Lakh (Expected)
FUEL TYPE Electric (Battery)
OFFICIAL SITE https://www.tatamotors.com/

Tata CURVV Launch Date

Tata CURVV EV, an electric variant of the SUV concept car, is set to hit the market in India in January 2024 at a price point of Rs. 15.00 to Rs. 20.00 Lakh. The Indian public will soon be able to purchase a Tata CURVV. The debut of this ultra-modern car has been keenly awaited by the industry. This all-electric car will likely hit the market some time in March of 2024. So far as we can tell, this makes it the most economically viable fully electric vehicle on the market. As Tata’s first real SUV, the CURVV is poised to make waves in the industry. Among urbanites and those interested in luxury vehicles, the Tata CURVV is a popular option due to its abundance of cutting-edge technology.

Tata CURVV EV Price In India 2023

Tata CURVV EV, an electric variant of the SUV concept car, is set to hit the market in India in January 2024 at a price point of Rs. 15.00 to Rs. 20.00 Lakh. Tata Motors has made a major investment in EVs, a move that might make it the industry leader. The company’s investment in electric vehicles and related infrastructure does not stop with the new SUV. The conventional SUV market may also feel the impact of the Tata CURVV. Pricing and lineup details have not been made public by Tata Motors.

Tata CURVV EV Colours

To be launched in 2024, CURVV production spec version exteriors will be 97% similar to the concept version. Here, the new Tata CURVV can be seen in colours of Red, Orange, Green and Blue.


It has been speculated that the certified range of the production variants of Tata Motors’ CURVV electric SUV will be between 400 and 500 kilometres. The Tata CURVV is equipped with a split-headlamp design, LED daytime running lights that span the length of the hood, and a tail-width LED tail lamp. The large panoramic glass top incorporates the rear spoiler. The new Tata CURVV takes its cues from Tata Motors’ standard steering wheel design. There is a lighted logo in the middle and two rows of controls on either side. If Tata Motors is to be believed, their electric SUV will fall between between the midsize and luxury SUV segments.

Tata CURVV EV Design

The “Digital” Design language of the CURVV EV prototype will be implemented in future Tata SUVs. The new look is most noticeable in its notchback rear end and arching roofline. Details lifted straight from the BMW X4 elevate the look of this coupe-SUV. The CURVV also stands out due to its unique triangle air vents and full-width LED light strip.

Tata CURVV EV Architecture

Since it is an electric vehicle, the CURVV concept demonstrates Tata’s new Generation-2 architecture, which is based on the modified Generation-1 architecture seen in the Nexon EV but is intended to support a wide variety of body shapes and powertrain configurations.

Tata CURVV EV Battery And Range

Tata Motors has not yet released information about the CURVV EV concept’s battery pack. The CURVV will have a battery pack larger than the Nexon’s 30.2kWh battery, the manufacturer has said. That’s how far the production coupe-SUV is expected to travel without recharging its battery.

Tata CURVV EV Interiors And Features

The new CURVV design has an emphasis on functionality, as evidenced by features like a panoramic sunroof, floating centre console, rotary gear selector, and centre armrest. The inside of the EV concept is minimalist and modern, with a sculpted three-layer dashboard. Both the entertainment system and the instrument cluster use digital displays that may be seen separately. The CURVV’s steering wheel, in keeping with its modern aesthetic, now has two spokes rather than one.

TATA Motors CURVV Specifications

It’s nice that the SUV has some nice extras like automatic climate control, a panoramic sunroof, and mood lighting already installed. The SUV sports a modern interior with a high-mounted, big touchscreen infotainment system. The analogue gauges are then replaced by a more advanced digital instrument cluster. When equipped with its optional coupe top, the Tata CURVV becomes an incredibly fashionable automobile.

The concept SUV’s front and back overhangs are quite small. LED daytime running lights span the width of the CURVV and are integrated into the “floating bonnet” design at the front of the concept car. The lights flank the sharp front bumper. The CURVV may lack a conventional grille, but its massive air inlet should keep things nice and cool in the engine bay. Each side of the CURVV is uncluttered and stylish. The massive wheel wells house massive alloy wheels outfitted with aerodynamic components.

Seating Capacity 4
Body Type SUV

Engine and Transmission

Transmission Type Automatic
Mild Hybrid No
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Fuel & Performance

Fuel Type Electric
Emission Norm Compliance ZEV
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Fast Charging No
Report Incorrect Specs

Suspension, Steering & Brakes

Front Brake Type Disc
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Dimensions & Capacity

Seating Capacity 4
No of Doors 5

Waiting Time

The length of time one must wait to receive their preordered Tata CURVV in India depends on several variables, including the type of vehicle chosen, the buyer’s location within India, and the season. In contrast, the average wait period for a CURVV at Tata Motors is between six and eight weeks. Thus, be patient and do your homework ahead of time. Thus, keep this in mind if you’re thinking on purchasing a new Tata CURVV in the near future. Keep in mind that the time you have to wait may vary from one place on Earth to another.


Notable features include 129 horsepower, an ARAI-verified range of 312, and an 8-year/60,000-kilometer battery warranty. In comparison to current Gen-1 vehicles like the Nexon and Tigor EV, the Curvv will have a far longer range at 400-450km when it finally arrives. Tata’s first electric vehicle will include variable regeneration, which, per the manufacturer, may be turned off while cruising.


The Tata CURVV will soon be available to the public. If you’re looking for a new way to book this vehicle, this article is for you. Read on for more of our thoughtful commentary on a wide variety of issues. No more, my friend!
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Frequently asked questions

What is the expected price of Tata CURVV ?

The price of Tata CURVV is expected to be Rs. 20 Lakhs.

What is the estimated launch date of Tata CURVV ?

Tata CURVV is expected to launch in June, 2024.

What are the expected key specifications of Tata CURVV ?

The Tata CURVV SUV has many features that make it a good choice for those who want a reliable vehicle.

What are the alternatives/competitors of Tata CURVV ?

Tata CURVV will be competed with Taigun, Hector, Selot’s, Superb, Tiguan.

Does the Tata CURVV have a sunroof?

Yes, all variants of Tata CURVV have a sunroof.

What is the price of the base model of Tata CURVV ?

The price of the lowest model of Tata CURVV is: 15.00 – 20.00 Lakhs.

What is the transmission type of Tata CURVV ?

Tata CURVV is available in Electric Range Option with Automatic transmission.

Is a TATA CURVV a 7 seater?

no, its 4,5 seater.


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