Tesla Owners File Class Action Lawsuit Over Free Supercharging Scam

In a recent development, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Tesla, the global electric vehicle giant known for revolutionizing the EV industry and driving mass adoption over the past decade. The lawsuit, spearheaded by Sean Cohen, raises concerns over Tesla’s advertising claims related to its “unlimited free Supercharging for 3 years” offer. While Tesla’s innovative contributions to the electric vehicle market are undeniable, it’s not immune to disputes stemming from its advertising practices. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of this particular incident.


Tesla Lawsuit Against Free Supercharging Ad

In a recent development, Sean Cohen has emerged as the plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against Tesla. The lawsuit revolves around Tesla’s bold advertising claim of providing “3 years of unlimited free supercharging” for buyers of the Model S or Model X who made their purchases between April and June 2023. This legal dispute has been escalated to a California federal court. Sean Cohen alleges that Tesla’s advertising campaign was both misleading and false, ultimately leading buyers to incur additional costs at the time of purchase to access the promised free supercharging.

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The class action asserts, “Plaintiff would not have purchased a unit of the products, or would have paid a substantially lower price if he had known that the advertising as described herein was false, misleading, and deceptive.” Cohen further contends that Tesla was well aware that the cost of supercharging an electric vehicle held significant importance to potential buyers. Consequently, Tesla strategically highlighted the enticing offer of “3 Years of Free Supercharging” and potential savings in its marketing efforts.


What We Think

While we cannot delve into the specific details of this particular case due to a lack of comprehensive information, we can certainly empathize with the plaintiff’s perspective. Tesla has gained notoriety for its penchant for crafting intricate and sometimes elusive advertisements and claims. Tesla doesn’t readily disclose all the specifications of its electric vehicles to the public, contributing to its reputation for ambitious statements. Consequently, the news of this latest class action lawsuit hardly comes as a surprise.

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In any event, we can only hope that transparency ultimately prevails in this matter. It’s crucial to maintain trust and confidence among potential buyers in Tesla’s claims and promises.

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