Choosing The Ideal Color For Exterior Doors

The Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Ideal Color For Exterior Doors

Choosing The Ideal Exterior Doors Color

There are many ways to refresh your exterior doors, and changing the color is one of them. If you love playing with colors, changing your door’s appearance is very easy. The exterior doors are one of the most obvious things people will notice when they look at your home before they even get access to the inside.

However, you can paint your doors in any color you want; there are a few key factors that you need to take into consideration. Check out some tips below to help you get the best color for your door compared to other types of exterior doors.

  1. Embrace The Classics

Classics are colors already used by others and have proven to work fine. Some of these colors include shades of brown, gray, and black. These colors will never disappoint and can fit well with any architectural design.

Navy blue, deep reds, and shades of maroon are also classic colors that serve as the most neutral options if you are not willing to go all big with super bright colors.

You can also consider staining if you don’t want to paint your door but want a neutral appearance. For example, wood staining gives your door the grain texture of natural wood.

Neutral colors are also easy to change in the future if your taste changes or you want to try something new.

  1. Explore The Diversity Of Bright Colors

The thought of having bright colors on your doors might initially seem scary. However, there is no going back once you try embracing this trend. Bright colors will help define your home and also make it stand out from the crowd.

Get your favorite bright color painted on the door to express your personality. There is no going wrong with bright colors, as even the brightest shades of yellow and pink can make your home more outstanding.

However, when it comes to bright colors, it is important to understand that you need to ensure that the result of your exterior doors Oakville needs to coordinate well with the exterior structure of your home.

  1. Ensure You Buy The Right Paint

Buying the right paint is critical because your external doors are constantly exposed to the elements. Poor quality will likely peel off upon exposure to harsh weather and leave your doors ugly.

Ask the experts for paints not subject to fading upon exposure to extreme weather. Remember to use a primer regardless of the color you choose.

A glossy finish will leave your home looking the best and cover up some of the initially visible blemishes. Using quality finish gloss also helps define your architectural details. Use semigloss if you think that door has too many flaws, as it will help hide them better.

  1. Don’t Neglect The Surroundings

The area surrounding your home also plays a significant role in deciding what color best suits your doors. Do not go for colors clashing with all the items in the surrounding area.

The surroundings can also inspire what color to use for your front door. If you are having a hard time deciding what color is best, just take a look at the surrounding area and go for the color that is most prominent.

As a bonus, you can use natural colors to make your home look like it is a part of the existing landscape. You can also decide to match the color of the flowers in your walking lane.

  1. Select The Color While Indoors

To know how a certain door color will look on your home, you may need to look at it while inside. Check out the color when subjected to different lighting as the appearance of a color can be significantly affected by how lighting varies.

Use tape paint swatches for the experiment, attach them to the existing door, and take observations during different times of the day and under different lighting.

This experimentation will save you the trouble of doing guesswork with the actual painting, which can cost you a fresh repaint if you don’t like the color. 

If the decision seems overwhelming, consult your initial architecture for advice. This will help you avoid the cost of repainting if the first time goes wrong.


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