Thierry Bordelais- All About Karla Homolka’s Husband

Thierry Bordelais gained recognition primarily as the second spouse of Karla Homolka, widely regarded as one of Canada’s most reviled figures. Homolka, a notorious serial killer from Ontario, Canada, was convicted of the murders of three minors between 1990 and 1992. Bordelais and Homolka crossed paths during her trial, as Bordelais happens to be the brother of her defense attorney.

Thierry Bordelais’ Sister Was Karla Homolka’s Defense Lawyer

Bordelais was born sometime between the 1960s and 1970s. He is a native Canadian of African descent. Not much is known about his parents or upbringing, although it’s understood that he had a sister.

Thierry’s sister, Sylvie Bordelais, served as a defense attorney for his wife, Karla Homolka, during her trials in the 1990s, as mentioned earlier. With over three decades of experience in the field, she currently practices law in Montreal, Quebec.

Thierry Bordelais Waited 12 Years To Marry His Wife Karla

As mentioned earlier, Thierry met his future wife, Karla, during her trial for the murders of three young girls. He is the brother of Sylvie, Homolka’s defense attorney who represented her in court. They fell in love immediately.

However, Karla, also known as The Witch of Ontario, was imprisoned for 12 years. She was only released in 2005, at which point Thierry and Karla officially tied the knot.

Following their marriage, many questioned Thierry’s decision to marry a notorious killer. In 2016, during a brief encounter with La Presse outside his home, Thierry was questioned about his neighbors’ concerns about living in a neighborhood with a convicted murderer.

Is Karla Homolka a “Mom” These Days?

Karla, the infamous murderer of three young girls, is now a mother. She and her husband, Thierry Bordelais, have three children—a daughter and two sons. All three of them are currently attending a public school in Quebec.

Karla Homolka, Boardelais’ Wife: Everything You Need to Know

Karla Homolka was born in Ontario, Canada, on May 4, 1970. Her father, Karel Homolka, was a traveling salesman, while her mother, Dorothy Seger, worked at a geriatric clinic. She is the eldest daughter; her younger sisters are Logan Valentini and Tammy. Tragically, Tammy was murdered by her own sister in 1990.

Homolka endured a tumultuous upbringing in a highly unstable family. Her father’s alcoholism led to frequent verbal abuse directed at his wife and daughters, and the household was often fraught with arguments, leaving Karla feeling unsafe. Consequently, she struggled with depression throughout her high school years. Despite these challenges, as Karla matured, she managed to partially overcome these difficulties.

The ‘Ken and Barbie Serial Killers’ Story

Ken and Barbie Serial Killers’ is the moniker given to Karla and her former, literal partner in crime, Paul Bernardo. Bernardo, dubbed “The Scarborough Rapist” or “The Schoolgirl Killer,” met Homolka when she was 17 years old. She fell in love with him right away, and the two began dating in 1990.

Paul was not your typical, caring boyfriend. He had complete control over Karla’s life and would make disparaging remarks about her body, how she dressed, and even what she ate. The relationship, however, did not end. Karla completely surrendered to him for nearly 4 years and assisted him in raping and killing three innocent girls, including her sister.

Homolka Testified Against Bernardo And Was Sentenced To A Lesser Sentence

At the age of 52, Homolka testified against her former husband, Paul Bernardo, in 1993. Before this, she had sought full immunity in exchange for her cooperation and honesty but was denied. Instead, she was presented with two alternatives: testify against her partner and receive a 12-year sentence, or face charges of manslaughter and rape. Consequently, she opted for the former and served a 12-year term in Kingston, Ontario’s Prison for Women.

Where Is Thierry Bordelais Now? Is Homolka still his wife?

Thierry and his wife started cohabiting after marrying Karla in 2005, and their union remains strong. While the details of their occupations remain undisclosed, Thierry and Karla now live in a Montreal suburb with their children. The family resides in Chateauguay, Quebec.


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